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Xaml As Documents, Again

A while back, I wrote a post on Xaml as Documents, predicting that XAML will also be a pervasive document format. Recently, I discovered further evidence for my prediction. In the Longhorn SDK, there is a help page called Avalon-based WinFX Applications Overview. In a section on application types, reprinted
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XAML As Documents

Although XAML seems to have resonated very much with the development community and there has been a lot of discussion about its relation to HTML and XUL, its ability to wire up .NET object graphs, the impact it will have on the development process by involving graphical designers in the
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XAML and Standards

I have seen a number of complaints of Avalon not using standards like SVG, HTML, CSS and Javascript. I just wanted to mention a few counterarguments. First, XAML does use WVG (Windows Vector Graphics), which is based off of SVG, with the requirement that WVG deviate as little as possible
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Markup-based UI

One of the most exciting things coming forth in Longhorn in the ability to use markup to describe the user interface. Longhorn adopts as its own many concepts from Web. Web-based applications are easier to develop, deploy and use. Desktop applications have their advantages, too, such as their richness, performance
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