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Late-Binding Suggestion for VB

Steven Lees, the group program manager for Visual Basic at Microsoft, wanted to hear more about my thoughts on Linq after reading my blog post on the same topic. I told him that I like the direction that Visual Basic is going, providing a friendly and accessible syntax for SQL
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VB and Dynamic Typing

Eric Meijer wrote “Static Typing Where Possible, Dynamic Typing When Needed: The End of the Cold War in Programming Languages” which I reported about in an earlier post. The key point he makes is that dynamic features are not intrinsically exclusive to dynamic languages. Features typically associated with dynamic languages including eval blocks, dynamic
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VB 2006 And IQF

Paul Vick mentions a few new features in Visual Basic that enable query relational, object, and XML data in more natural ways than before: Query Comprehensions Object Initializers Anonymous Type Paul also mentions that the CLR was introducing with the new Integrated Query Framework (IQF) a new or improved concept
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Dynamic Typing in C#

The next iteration of C# is poised to become multi-paradigmatic, addressing numerous issues in programming. Most discussions focused on SQL and XML data integration and concurrency, but new features mentioned by a journal submission suggest an assault on dynamic languages is in preparation. Eric Meijer and Peter Drayton recently submitted
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Demand More From VB

I seem to hear that proponents of VB lament that the C# programmers are better paid, while there are no fundamental differences between the two languages, since they generate the same IL. (The salary differences probably depend a lot more on the type of people who gravitate to the languages;
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