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Semantic Web and Ontologies

I have been following news of the Semantic Web. I admit that I don’t fully understand all the details mainly for lack of time, but I do understand the benefits in allowing software agents to navigate and intelligently process information on the Internet. An agent is simply computer parlance for
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Original Ideas

Tempering my earlier enthusiam, Rich Birkby said that Microsoft took the idea of compressed XML file formats from StarOffice. Indeed, here’s an early document describing the rationale for OpenOffice’s XML package format. Microsoft has the bigger podium and the larger microphone to push forth their claim to the invention. This
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VS Hawaii

As further evidence of the trend towards the concept of “Source Code In Database,” check out this information about Nautilus (possibly part of VS Hawaii) that DonXML uncovered:Nautilus is a small, focused team within the Developer Division charged with creating exciting, new, leading edge tools targeting Longhorn. While components of
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Office and XML

This is such good news from Yahoo — Next Office Edition to Default to XML. Microsoft will default all Office formats to XML. They have also made it more concise and also allow it to save out to single-file, including pictures, charts and other objects. Microsoft also adds ZIP compression,
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EU Versus Microsoft

I am not very fond of Microsoft’s actions towards competitors in the past, but I am even less appreciative of the current EU position on Microsoft regarding the Windows Media issue. Microsoft submitted a proposal last night to meet a deadline and avoid paying another half-billion dollars in fines. I
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Would You Have Allowed Bill Gates To Be Born?

MSNBC has an article of the same title that talks about the implications of genetic testing. People, for example, with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild version of autism, may be prematurely aborted if left to parental choice. Bill Gates is reportedly a a famous and classic example of those with the
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Hobbyist Programmers

There’s been a highly reported decline in the number of computer science graduates in the US over the past several years. Some attribute the decline to potential students’ concerns about outsourcing and the availability of high-paying computer science jobs. Others say that while few students are majoring in computer science,
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Software Politics

One of the blogs that I read is “Right Wing Techie,” from the CEO of Stardock. I didn’t really expect to have much in common, except that he and I are both software entrepreneurs. Over time, I noticed that our views were remarkably similar. We are both socially on the
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NYT Review of Collapse

The New York Times has, coincidentally a book review of Jared Diamond’s new book Collapse. There’s also a first chapter excerpt included. (My last post was on a lecture yesterday at Microsoft by the author of Collapse, promoting his book.)
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I attended a lecture at the Microsoft campus yesterday, given by the professor Jared Diamond, who wrote the Pulitzer-Prize winning book, Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies as well as the The Third Chimpanzee : The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal . I read the book
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Second Most Powerful Wizard

In a poll of the most powerful wizards in the world, Slashdot currently has me as the second most powerful wizard in the world.  Gandalf received 1/3 of the votes in the poll, and I received one-fifth of the votes (under the title of “Excel PivotTable Creator”). On second thought,
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Google - Extension of the Brain

I was just reading a Slashdot post on the top 25 innovations of the past twenty-five years. CNET has been counting down each invention for some time now and plans on announcing the #1 invention on Sunday. I think their obvious pick will be the World Wide Web. One poster
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A little less than a year ago I talked about in my post "The Power of 3D" the future emergence of 3D in the user interfaces of standard applications, not just video games. While we see some of this already here in the Macintosh with its three-dimensional "fast user switching"
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Electronic Arts

On the blogosphere, there were a number of posts about the poor working conditions (and here) of developing software at Electronic Arts, such that the turnover rate is around 50%. A class action lawsuit has been filed against EA. It appears that this article has been Slashdotted.What's ironic is that Electronic Arts
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The Pace of Technology

BusinessWeek has a series of articles on the The Innovation Economy including this one on "This Way To the Future," which briefly describes how life was like 75 years ago, when the magazine was founded and estimates how life will change 75 years from now. The history of science and technology
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