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.NET Compact Framework

.NET Compact Framework and Runtime is shaping up to be a very different and weaker beast from the regular .NET Framework. The Compact Framework supports a very small subset of the methods and types available in the Base Class Library and WinForms... Lack of GDI+ also impacts the available methods
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Power Collections

For those developing with the Whidbey beta, there is a PowerCollections library produced by Wintellect in association with Microsoft. This library is essentially an upgrade of the existing .NET Collections API and has the distinct possibility of eventually migrating to or forming the basis of some future version of the
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Language Envy

I use C# for my regular programming, and am actually quite please with it, especially with the direction it is heading with features associated with declarative, functional and dynamic languages such as iterators and anonymous methods. I do turn to using managed C++ (and now C++/CLI) in a separate class
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API Usability

I went for another Longhorn API usability test yesterday, my fourth one this year, testing various techologies using Microsoft Business Frameworks, Avalon, Indigo, and System.Management. Every single one of these future technologies exposed managed APIs.The person who was testing me was Steven Clarke, who I just learned has a blog.
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Office XML

CNET has some good news for those who are write commercial applications that interoperate with Office and need to read and write Office files.CNET reports that Microsoft has agreed to offer a royalty-free license of Office-related XML documents in perpetuity. Previously, Microsoft had acquired a patent over the use of
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Updated Toolbar Icons For Whidbey

I wrote back in my June article "Toolbar Icons" about the poor state of Microsoft's redistributable icon resources in Visual Studio 2003. A couple of bloggers, like Tom and Robert, are urging Microsoft to update its icon redistributables to match the more modern look of today's Office and Windows.If you
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Enums and Performance

While enums are value types and are often recognized and treated like standard integral values by the runtime (in IL, enums and integers have almost no distinction), there are few performance caveats to using them. Enumerated types are derived from ValueType and Enum (as well as Object), which are, ironically,
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Recursive Iteration

I know the title sounds like an oxymoron; that's why I chose it. The C# 2.0 spec used to have an example of recursive iterators witn binary trees, but now I don't see it anymore. It's pretty trivial to write, but I'll use the example from GrantRi's post. Brad Abrams created
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My traffic went up dramatically today by a factor of twenty five. It looks like that I am the indirect beneficiary of a Slashdot article link to Miguel de Icaza and Chris Anderson regarding Avalon v1.0 being throwaway code.
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NET vs Native Performance

Kristofer Goss wrote me yesterday, wondering what my thoughts on the performance tradeoffs between .NET and native code are.I would love to hear your thoughts on the performance and runtime overhead of Windows Forms, specifically with regards to some comments Nick Bradbury had on why he chose Delphi for implementing
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Avalon on XP

After the announcement that Avalon would be available on XP, I actually tried to see if I could actually build and run an Avalon app in XP, using the relevant dlls from the WinHEC Longhorn build. Using the PDC bits, I had actually been able to run an Avalon app
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Avalon Throwaway?

Miguel de Icaza sees problems in the way that Avalon is being developed and predicts that Avalon 1.0 won't be able to develop sophisticated applications and will eventually be thrown away, resulting in incompatible code for version 2.0. Miguel, I believe, created Gnome, works in Novell and is involved with Mono,
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Steve Maine writes: "What I really want to know is this: As a customer, why should I upgrade to Longhorn and not just settle for Avalon/Indigo on XP or 2003?"Now that the three pillars of Longhorn are either delayed (WinFS) or available on downlevel systems (Avalon and Indigo), is there any
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Broadly Available

In my previous post Platform Push, I lamented the fact that I'd may have to redistribute various runtimes and libraries over the next few years with my applications. From a different perspective, having the various technologies available broadly earlier (because Longhorn will ship in early 2006 and because the technology will be
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Dynamic Properties and Code Generation

Michael has did to say about my code-generation work.Interesting approach for code generation using XML. I think there are some disadvantages though. The whole system becomes more complex and code generator takes time to run. But this is the cost of additional abstraction layer...Sometimes, the programming language we used doesn't
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