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Resource Kit Tools

Scott Hanselman keeps a list called the Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tools consisting of must-have tools for Windows developers. He did forget one important source of tools and that source is the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools (formerly, Windows NT Resource Kit). My favorite command from this toolset is “linkd”
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C# News

PDC session abstracts have recently gone live with some new details on the C# language. Some of the other tracks don’t really intrigue me as much. Avalon and Indigo are already in beta, so I don’t expect much to change before release. IE7 needs to play catch up in web
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Getting Web Services

When I left Microsoft in 2000, the overall strategy of the company had shifted to some notion of computing as “service.” It was obviously developed by executives high up and being forced-fed top down to all the product units.  This new strategy was nicknamed “.NET,” and soon every product would soon have the
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Longhorn Beta

Paul Thurott reports the Longhorn Beta 1, a developer release, slipped to late July, but screenshots of build 5203 appear to be available (yawn!) and invitations to beta testers have already been sent out. Paul maintains that feature-complete Longhorn Beta 2 will still be released on Nov 2005; most other reports indicate
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Microsoft At War With Self

Last year, Joel wrote a widely read post on “How Microsoft Lost the API War,” concluding… Much as I hate to say it, a huge chunk of developers have long since moved to the web and refuse to move back. Most .NET developers are ASP.NET developers, developing for Microsoft's web
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Dynamic Typing in C#

The next iteration of C# is poised to become multi-paradigmatic, addressing numerous issues in programming. Most discussions focused on SQL and XML data integration and concurrency, but new features mentioned by a journal submission suggest an assault on dynamic languages is in preparation. Eric Meijer and Peter Drayton recently submitted
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Notepad2 with Ruby

I modified Notepad 2 version 1.0.12 to provide better support for editing Ruby and makefiles. I also included shell context menu integration to provide one click access to Notepad2 for opening any file. Notepad 2 C++ source code The exe was compiled with VS 2005 beta 2, but that shouldn’t
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Array Covariance Among Enums

Cyrus, developer of C# at Microsoft, posted a quiz on casting arrays of value types. He hasn't posted the answer to the quiz yet, but I already knew the answer, which highlights an important difference between the way the CLR and the C# compiler treats enumerated constants. From the perspective
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Anders on C# 3.0

Anders has a few noteworthy nuggets from an interview a few years ago when COmega and Xen were still called X#. On X#Well, I wasn't involved in X#, but two of the people who were on the X# team are now members of the C# team. Some of X#'s ideas
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COmega, II

After reading several more articles on COmega, I filled in more details on the probable features of C# 3.0 regarding data. A good source of information was the MSDN article Integrating XML into Popular Programming Languages. From reading the papers of COmega, the authors imply that there really only three forms
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Concurrency Revolution

Well-known C++ author, Herb Sutter, wrote “The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software” in Dr. Dobbs Journal about a fundamental turning point in processor design in which traditional approaches to improving speed (except increases in cache sizes) are running out of steam and manufacturers are
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Universal File Formats

Via Brian Jones blog, I looked at the Metro spec to learn more about the Office file formats. The spec documents in significant detail the new universal XML+ZIP packaging file format including numerous new concepts such as part and relationships. The packaging format is based on ZIP, but it goes
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Data Integration in Languages

After having written my post about COmega, I just learned about E4X (ECMAscript for XML) which integrates XML directly into the Javascript language. This support includes inline XML as well as XPath-like generalized member access. There appears to be similar efforts going on for both Ruby and Java. SQL integration isn’t really new
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Microsoft Research previously made public two experimental extensions of C# , Spec# and COmega (formerly polyphonic C and Xen). They are research projects, so they may not necessarily enter the language, but the C# team may decide to incorporate the new extensions. One of the sessions preannounced at PDC 2005
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C# Futures

James Avery reports about a session with Anders Hejlsberg at TechEd on Monday. Apparently, C# 3.0 has been in development for the past couple years and includes members from the COmega team. COmega is a experimental extension of C# which include new data and concurrency features.Highlights of the next C#
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