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Expression Trees

IanG writes about the new Expression Trees feature in C# and indicates that it’s his favorite new feature. I also liked this new feature. A few developers, however, like Mike Gunderloy complained that C# is introducing features that he will never ever use and is slowly acquiring the complexity of
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Joel Test

Joel created the “Joel Test,” which is a measure of how good a software team is. (Attaching one’s own name to a set of rules is a great PR move.) The test is simple. Just answer yes or no to each question. Do you use source control? Can you make
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Living on the Edge

I pinpointed the cause of my internal compiler errors while programming under C# in Visual Studio 2005. I included some of my errors in the comments of my post on Visual Studio 2005 Bugs. Over the course of the Visual Studio beta program, I have encountered four different internal compilation
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Blog Redesign

I am using FireFox as my default browser currently and can read my blog without any problem, but one reader claims issues. Has anyone else had problems reading this site using FireFox (or any other browser) under the new design? Stupid me, if any person had problems reading my post, then that
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VS 2005 Is A Good Product

After my prior post on VS 2005 bugs, I found my name, splattered all over the blogosphere, culminating in a mention from Mini-Microsoft regarding VS 2005 stability. My post along with those of Frans Brouma and Roy Oosherove initiated a viral phenomenon on the Internet. Despite the few hiccups, I am enjoying VS
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VS 2005 Bugs

A few bloggers, Frans Brouma and Roy Oosherove, have reported stability issues with VS 2005 RTM. I have noticed a few problems too after a week of usage; Beta2 seemed more stable. Last night, I spent a hour figuring out why I was receiving Internal Compiler Errors, which indicated that the error
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Shipping Software with Databases

An important goal of the Microsoft is to make working with databases standard practice for shrinkwrap application developers by integrating database technology into Windows. In Microsoft alone, countless products have built their own proprietary data stores from Outlook, which wastes development resources without necessarily improving over what could be accomplished
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Null Comparison

I was just reading about a post on nulls by Sharon Bjeletich, which reminded me of an observation that I made last month. The C# 3.0 and VB 9.0 are diverging once again—this time in their treatment of null comparison. In C# 3.0, nullable value types are analogous to reference types.
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Dictionary Collections

The Base Class Library team silently introduced a new tree-based collection called SortedDictionary<K,V> into the framework. This collection is based on Red-Black trees, with guaranteed O(log n) operations for nearly all operations. For non-ordered dictionaries, Dictionary<K,V>, based on a hash table, is still a better bet, because most operations average
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From/Select and Select/From

Paul Vick writes about the debate over using FROM/SELECT (the FLWOR notation, which C# and XQuery use) versus SELECT/FROM (which VB and SQL use) for querying data. It seems that are a number of technical reasons why the FLWOR notation is preferable (intellisense, locality of sequence, order of execution), but
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LINQ Syntax

Query expressions in C# 3.0 bear much more resemblance to XQuery than to SQL in many ways. Below is a sample XML query using XQuery’s FLWOR syntax. for $d in document("depts.xml")//deptno let $e := document("emps.xml")//employee[deptno = $d] where count($e) >= 10 order by avg($e/salary) descending return   <big-dept>     
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Late-Binding Suggestion for VB

Steven Lees, the group program manager for Visual Basic at Microsoft, wanted to hear more about my thoughts on Linq after reading my blog post on the same topic. I told him that I like the direction that Visual Basic is going, providing a friendly and accessible syntax for SQL
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VB 9

I looked at the VB PDC presentation and a recent team interview. Visual Basic 9 includes an impressive range of features, and the team is currently planning even more unannounced features. The difference in focus between the C# and VB team is becoming much more evident: The VB team is opting
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Form versus Function in Office 12

While I don’t think any of the Office 12 applications have gone managed, I do suspect that the new Office user interface (the ribbons, galleries, status bars and other elements of the windows chrome) is based on Avalon technology (aka Windows Presentation Foundation). If so, then Office 12 illustrates the dramatic
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I have been looking at the Linq Preview under Reflector, and the more I spend time with it, the more I realize how well thought out and practical it is. All queries are lazily executed. When queries are created, a tree of iterators or query objects are constructed. These queries
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