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Recursive Iterators Performance

I found an paper on nested/recursive iterators by Bart Jacobs, Erik Meijer, et al. Erik Meijer was involved in the COmega project, which directly led to LINQ-based extensions in C# 3.0 and VB 9.0. COmega had sequences, which were flattened versions of IEnumerable collections. Sequences introduced a new notion of cardinality
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Practical .NET and C# 2

I came across some praise for a new C# title “Practical .NET2 and C#2” by Patrick Smacchia. This book recently joined some other C# books in my bookshelf alongside books by Richter, Sells, Box, and so on. The book is very well-written and very comprehensive, covering the common language runtine, the
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Arrays and IList

Rico recently posted a puzzle about Arrays and IList performance. I posted a comment on his blog on performance issues that I observed with generics support for arrays. The runtime implements IList<T> for arrays (I believe) by mapping Array’s interface methods to generic methods in the internal SZArrayHelper class. The IList<T>
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Concurrency Planning

Joe Duffy is a program manager for the CLR team and has recently wrote a post on concurrency planning that he is orchestrating for the next few releases of CLR. He mentions a host of possible new abstractions such as futures and barriers. I listened to Duffy’s PDC presentation on concurrency
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Richter & Threading

I previously wrote a couple posts on Jeffrey Richter and his talks on concurrency. Concurrency The Art of Thread Synchronization A few readers have asked me if Jeffrey Richter released his PowerThreading library yet or done any other work with concurrency. Well, I will just point to a recent post
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Delphi -- The End of an Era

Borland is looking to sell off its developer toolset, which originally made the company, to focus on enterprise application lifecycle management. The toolset being sold includes the excellent compiler, Delphi. (About a third of the shareware developers at the Shareware Industry Conference develop with Delphi.) While it may appear that Borland
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Lisp -- The Secret Weapon

Sriram Krishnan writes a post called “Lisp is sin,” which extols all the virtues of Lisp. Once commenter in his post calls Lisp a secret weapon: But I will make a closing comment - Lisp can be a developers "secret advantage". Partly the language partly that lisp systems tended to
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How Microsoft Does Software Engineering

Russ Ryan, product unit manager of the Developer Division, talks about software engineering at Microsoft at VS Live San Francisco.
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Implicit Interfaces

IanG writes about Implicit Interfaces, referring to Martin Fowlers post on ImplicitInterfaceImplementation, which has generated some discussion. With implicit interfaces, the runtime would dynamically generate an interface binding for classes which support all the methods declared within the interface. This is especially useful for enable constraints within generics to support
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Iterators and Nondeterminism

In the course of developing with C# 2.0, I realized that I could dramatically simplify much of my AI search code by using iterators. This is because iterators enable backtracking through which nondeterministic algorithms can be implemented. We can think of iterators as multivalued functions that we would rather treat as single-value
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Cloning Objects

There’s been a few times when I wanted to clone an object, but the object did not provide a clone method, but I knew that such an operation would be safe. One class are enumerator objects returned by non-destructive iterators. While enumerating a stream of values, it is often useful to record
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BCL Math

When I met with the .NET BCL team last February, one of the PMs mentioned potential enhancements to the Math class in the base class library of the .NET Framework. Katy King from the team also blogged about the new Math additions in Orcas. Features included complex numbers, permutations, arbitrary precision
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With the arrival of LINQ, I wondered what happened to the concurrency features of COmega (formerly Polyphonic C). Apparently, the concepts of asynchronous methods and chords weren’t proven enough to incorporate as a language feature. Then, I noted via Channel 9 that a small incubation team, the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime team was
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Agile Programming at Microsoft

Matt Davey said that he would have asked the following questions about agile programming at Microsoft during ScottGu’s talk on MS Development Process. In fact, after Scott pointed out that developers produced unit tests and added additional tests upon finding regressions, I asked him all the same questions except the last
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MS Development Process

I just did a reboot of my blog and unpublished some posts over the past month, although links are still valid. I have been following a thread too long, annoying readers, and didn’t particularly have much to say. Last night, I went to a development talk given by Scott Guthrie,
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