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MVP - C#

I just received this email message from Microsoft this morning: Dear Wesner Moise, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2007 Microsoft® MVP Award! The Microsoft MVP Award is our way of saying thank you and to honor and support the significant contributions you make to communities worldwide.
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Persistent Performance

There are a number of tricks that I discovered for getting performance out of persistent, immutable data structures. I also recently noticed this MSDN post on Persistent data structures. Persistent Arrays and Hashtables Persistent versions of arrays and hashtables do exist with similar constant-time behavior. They won’t be as fast since they
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.NET , Functional Programming , Immutability

Closures in Java Vs C# (Non-Local Gotos, Custom Syntax)

Sun is looking to add closures into an upcoming version of the Java language. Partial closures are already supported through the heavyweight inner classes feature. Interestingly, full closures were available in a prerelease version of Java and then removed due to user feedback. I spoke to Gilad Bracha at the Lang.Net
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Big Lists

As part of my goal of programming in a more functional programming style in C#, I have been looking at scalable, immutable representations of lists. Some may feel bothered by the log(n) allocations required for each operation to a persistent data structure. However, an operation can be arbitrarily complex like a
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.NET , Functional Programming , Immutability

Miguel and Avalon

Joe Beda has a post “Avalon marks the end of the American Dream,” quoting Miguel de Icaza in the latter’s post “A J2EE Moment of Zen:” Avalon is the J2EE of GUI APIs. Miguel’s post originated from a conversation I had with him yesterday at the Lang.NET Symposium. It seems
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At the Lang.NET Symposium, I met up a member of the Spec# research team, Mike Barnett, shared with him information about the tool I was working on, and gave him my contact information. As I suspected earlier, Rustan Leino, who previously worked at HP/Compaq on ESC/Java, joined Microsoft to work on
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Lang.NET Symposium

I am currently blogging from the Lang.NET symposium, held at the Microsoft campus. There are a number of interesting lectures today about Spec#, IronPython, Ruby.Net, AppleScript, etc, all today; there will even be more tomorrow and the day after. I have met with Erik Meijer, Haskell coinventer, whose papers I
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Queries Refactored

Earlier, I pointed to Erik Meijers paper on XLinq: XML Programming Refactored; it was an article that I have been wanting to blog about. Erik distinguishes between relational operations (projection, filtering, grouping, sorting and aggregation) and domain-specific operations. SQL doesn’t have many domain-specific operations; however, XQuery contains quite a number, such
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XLinq StreamingElement

The functional style of XLinq is a huge improvement in ease of use over the existing DOM and SAX-based approaches to reading and writing XML in .NET. This document XLinq XML Programming Refactored by Erik Meijer illustrates the tremendous benefits in simplicity one gains when using XLinq over DOM with
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Text Mess in .NET

A major weakness in GDI+ is text handling. The GDI+ “undocumentation” in MSDN has been the primary source of my grievances. About the only good features in GDI+’s text support are device independence and floating-point coordinates. Vanilla GDI includes more API calls, performs much faster and enables complex scripts. GDI use different, incompatible layout
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MSDN Wiki Post

I have complained about MSDN documentation before. It seems as an answer to my prayers have been released. MSDN Wiki Beta was launch… I posted my first wiki content on Graphics.Save/BeginContainer in the MSDN documentation site, a problem I noted in an earlier blog post. The documentation does not differentiate between
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.NET Naming

Soma recently announced that WinFX has now been rechristened “.NET 3.0,” which by the way includes .NET 2.0. I really liked the name WinFX, but the .NET name is well-recognized. Early on in its history, .NET brand caused much confusion. Dennis Forbes recalls the .NET naming fiasco in his post
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Why Functional Programming Matters

I just came across a paper about why functional programming matters. This paper is full of a ton of software paradoxes. Functional programmers argue that there are great material benefits - that a functional programmer is an order of magnitude more productive than his conventional counterpart, because functional programs are an
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.NET , Functional Programming

Silver Bullet

No Silver Bullet. Decades ago, Fred Brooks wrote that there is no silver bullet—that there is no methodology that will improve productivity, reliability, simplicity by an order of magnitude. But, as we look to the horizon of a decade hence, we see no silver bullet. There is no single development,
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LINQ Update

Microsoft released an update of its upcoming LINQ extensions to .NET. The database support is feeling much more complete. I noted a proliferation of new keywords to the query comprehension syntax such as join, let, and equal. On the one hand, relational operators have been around for a long time
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