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GDI+ and Integers

I have been studying the implementation of GDI+ in .NET. It appears that both the C++ and C# object-oriented GDI interface are wrappers around the flat GDI+ API exposed by gdiplus.dll. While working on my software application, I had used integers internally with a resolution of 1000 dots per inch.
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New Year's Development Changes

With the new year, I started looking at how I did development. Over the past year, I have adopted unit-testing via NUnit. I sat through a presentation on agile or extreme programming where unit testing, a key component of agile development, was discussed. Unit testing significantly improves the reliability of
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Document-based Applications in Avalon

One of my hopes in Longhorn is that it becomes truly easy to write a traditional document-based application (like Word, Excel and Visio), just as in MFC. (The Microsoft developers have been asking developers for feedback on the whole Avalon API; well, here is mine!!) In MFC, we start with
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Unmanaged Side of Longhorn

With Longhorn, Microsoft is pushing us to managed code. I said earlier that I wasn't aware of any new unmanaged API being written. Ian was able to find some of the new WIN32 unmanaged calls added to Longhorn in prerelease header files. There are some new calls, mostly in COMMCTRL,
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Back from Vacation, Facing Heavy Traffic

I am back from my vacation of approximately three weeks, so I haven't had an opportunity to write recently. Since then, my traffic has mysterious grown by six to seven-fold, even though I have not produced a single entry during that time. I noticed that both Don Box and Chris
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XAML -- Almost A Full Blown Language

In a prior post, I mentioned XAML's tight relationship to .NET, even tighter than its raison d'etre, which is to be a declarative method of specifying a user-interface. This is a major difference fromother UI markup languages and is a good example of the high level of abstraction that Avalon
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XAML and Standards

I have seen a number of complaints of Avalon not using standards like SVG, HTML, CSS and Javascript. I just wanted to mention a few counterarguments. First, XAML does use WVG (Windows Vector Graphics), which is based off of SVG, with the requirement that WVG deviate as little as possible
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Dynamic Properties

Avalon has this concept of dependency properties (used to be called as dynamic properties), which I think is cool. These are reminiscent of Expando properties in Javascript. Instead of keeping the backing store of properties inside an object (derived from DependencyObject), Avalon stores in the object a reference to list
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Longhorn API Analysis

I have looked at the Longhorn SDK at and examined the new namespaces. I copied only a small fraction of the namespaces listed below, but I wanted you to get an idea of the magnitude of the changes. The number of namespaces just for Avalon (shown below) is approximately
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Markup-based UI

One of the most exciting things coming forth in Longhorn in the ability to use markup to describe the user interface. Longhorn adopts as its own many concepts from Web. Web-based applications are easier to develop, deploy and use. Desktop applications have their advantages, too, such as their richness, performance
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Now, the PDC has begun, I could spill the beans. It's official. "WINFX" is the new name for next evolution (or, should I say, revolution) of .NET Frameworks. It encompasses all of the managed APIs that Microsoft will ship in Longhorn, including Avalon, Indigo, and WinFS, and .NET Frameworks. Microsoft
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Official C# 2.0 Spec Unveiled

Today, the C# team published the most up-to-date specification of the C# language, which includes many improvements over the original proposal unveiled a year ago. The features introduced in the original proposal were noteworthy for including constructs from nontraditional languages like closures (aka anonymous methods) and coroutines (aka iterators) in
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All These Frameworks

I thought with the introduction of the .NET Frameworks and WinForms, that we had finally seen the end of an era where multiple APIs proliferated in the windows platform like MFC, VB Runtime, Win32, WFC, CRT, DHTML, and every other runtime of every other non-Microsoft language like Delphi. Although WinForms
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Deterministic Finalization

One of the features that developers have missed moving to .NET framework is deterministic finalization. If you followed some of the internet discussion and even some of the comments from Microsoft developers, you would even be lead to believe that deterministic finalization within the .NET framework is impossible. Well, I
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Linus on Microsoft

There is an interesting NYTimes interview with Linus Torvald: Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect. He also says, "from a technology angle, Microsoft really has been one of the least interesting companies." Linus needs to go to next month's PDC.
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