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Mixing CTP and Longhorn

Someone posted a method by which the Community Technical Preview edition of VS.NET could be installed into the WinHEC build of Longhorn. He noticed no problems. It involved removing a condition within the MSI installer. Here's why Microsoft probably didn't allow the CTP to be installed. Longhorn's version of the
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Longhorn SDK Updated

The Longhorn SDK has already been updated to match the changes in the new Longhorn Alpha released at WinHEC. More info to come.
Read more » May 5, 2004, 6:50PM

Longhorn News From WinHEC

Both and Winsupersite have a lot of good coverage on WinHEC. Winsupersite provides a better overall coverage of the WinHEC event, whiiile Neowin offers some inside information. The WinHEC Longhorn alpha is already up in MSDN Subscribers download, which is accessible for MSDN Universal subscribers. Apparently, one of the
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WINHEC Longhorn Build Is Loose

Information about the Longhorn alpha build to be released to hardware developers at WinHEC has been reported to be loose by "Microsoft Watch." The build is 4074, compared to 4051 provided at Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference last October. Even when I was at Microsoft, I found that my first knowledge
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Whidbey Collections

With the introduction of generics, the designers seem to have acknowledge the poor design of the collection namespace and essentially used generics as a second change for redesigning the collections library. With generics, it is no longer necessary to even use the older namespace and I predict that its use
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Fixed Keyword

I have been looking over the technical preview of Whidbey and have found the documentation to be lacking for many of the new features in C#. For example, in Whidbey, it is now possible to have fixed arrays at least inside structs. This was mentioned at the C# talk at
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Usability Testing

Next week, I will be a usability tester for the next version of C#. (Along with this, I will receive two copies of any Microsoft software package as compensation.) Although I have observed usability testing many times, I have never actually been a usability tester. It would be interesting to
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Math Functions Performance

In a recent C# blog entry, it was pointed out that Pow uses a complex trig function and is thus a performance gotcha. So, I decided to do some additional tests with standard mathematical functions. In each case, the argument is x=8.5 and the result measures the time it takes
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.NET , Functional Programming

Decimal Performance

I did a quick test to compare the performance of basic mathematical operations on the different numeric types provided by the runtime. My machine uses an Intel Pentium 4. The numbers below are expressed in terms of the amount of time it takes to perform one integer addition. .DivisionMultiplyAdditionBitwise Or
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.NET , Math

Correct Code Is Hard To Write

Even the simplest, most primitive data structures have special cases that make it difficult to find all bugs. Consider integers, for example. How would you write a Compare function for two integers, that returns a negative value for less-than relationship, zero for equality, and a positive value for a greater-than
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What's Missing In .NET and Other Collection Libraries

Collections are probably one of the most important components of any library. The framework's collection classes, as of Everett, are somewhat weak, especially compared with Java and STL. With the recent work with collections in Whidbey, much of the gap in functionality with Java will be reduced but not eliminated,
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GC Myth is Real

Paul Wilson points out a Garbage College myth, "Set Object to Null," that he tries to dispel, but he is only half right. The myth is: There is never any reason to set your objects to null since the garbage collection will do this for you automatically. He asserts that
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Colors Undocumented

I have been looking at how colors are implemented in GDI+. System.Drawing.Color is a value type, but it is not the lightweight data structure that you might expect as in Win32. In Win32, colors were represented as 32-bit integers. The framework's Colors, in contrast, occupy 16 bytes or 128 bits.
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Empty Arrays

Microsoft guidelines recommend developers to avoid using nulls for returning arrays or strings inside managed code. Instead, the empty string should be returned for strings, and an empty array should be returned for arrays. Benefits There are several benefits to following the guidelines. Reliability. The avoidance of nulls eliminates the
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Equality Testing in NUnit

A common problem with unit-testing with NUnit is to accidentally invoke Assert.Equals instead of Assert.AreEquals. Assert.Equals has the the same signature as Assert.AreEquals, but it is actually a static method inherited from Object.Equals. As a consequence, no failure is ever reported. (Steve Eichart has reported encountering the same problem.) The
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