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C# for Systems Programming

By way of the article “A glimpse into a new general purpose programming language under development at Microsoft” from the Lambda the Ultimate weblog, I came across Joe Duffy’s new post on C# for Systems Programming. Microsoft may be developing a native version of C# with additional extensions for systems
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Mads on the Future of C# (6.0)

Mads Torgersen, head program manager of C#, presented the “Future of C#” at the NDC London conference on Friday morning 12/6. Most of the “probable” new features announced moved C# to a more succinct, functional programming style. Import type members into namespace. Succinct syntax for primary constructors. Readonly properties Property
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Immutable & Isolated Types Likely in Future C#

Based on several pieces of evidence, immutable and isolated type designators are likely in a future version of C# and the common language runtime (CLR). These features will likely debut on .NET 5.0 in the next major iteration of Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2014. Immutable types in imperative language, US
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“In” Parameters Proposal for C# 6.0

I propose a new feature that will make manipulation of value types more efficient, produce more readable code, and encourage greater use of the functional programming style. I disclaim any ownership to this idea. Currently, there are two C# keywords that allow parameters to be passed by reference, “ref” and
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Anders On C# 6.0 at BUILD 2013

Anders Hejlsberg and Charles Torre talked about a future version of C#, version 6.0, at Windows Build 2013. (34:30) Visual Studio 2013 is the minor release version in an annual major/minor release cycle. The version of .NET included in VS  2013 is 4.5.1 which is an in-place upgrade of
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The Awkwardness of Functional Programming

Both Reddit’s main page and programming subreddit includes a popular post “Admitting that functional programming can be awkward.” Each of these subreddits have elicited numerous interesting responses. In it, James Hague recounts how a semi-successful Mac game he wrote called Bumbler is trivial to write in C, but that a
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Immutable Data Structures in C#

In the post on Path Finding using A*, Eric Lippert, programmer in the Visual C# team, writes that immutable data structures are the way of the future in C#. As immutable data structures have been a frequent posting topic of mine, I am really happy about this direction towards immutable data and functional
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Type Names

I picked up a lot of interesting knowledge about C# in the course of developing and testing a parser for the language. I'll try to post a few tidbits as they come to mind again. One nice tidbit is how to create new short type names without having to specify
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Source Code

Scott Hanselman's post on Weekly Source Code 2 reminded me of my desire to post some of my source code. I'll probably do just that, but, with me and my short-term memory loss, I often forget to follow up until after a few years go by. A couple of my
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Orcas Beta 2

Orcas Beta 2 is here, and it includes a go-live license. I plan a switch over (plus a clean reinstall of Vista) by the end of this month. I do prefer to use the latest tools to keep on top of technology, and, despite the installation being a distraction from
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Jumping to Orcas and WPF

After releasing the first version of my product, I would most likely jump directly to using Orcas and WPF targeting 3.0, at which point I will begin blogging about my experiences and the new feature set. I firmly believe in moving to the latest released languages and technologies as soon
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Continuation Passing Style & Anonymous Methods

I thought that I would briefly explain the concept of continuation-passing style from my previous post. CPS is a way of simulating continuations in a language that doesn’t support the feature. Basically, we making a function call, one passes to the call an additional argument, which is another function that represents the
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Active Loops

There aren’t many times where I can compare bits and pieces of code that I have written to those of other experts. One such time involves active loops (aka, parallel apply). Shortly after posting on Concurrency last December, I began implementing my own version of active loops mentioned in the
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Symbolic Links Redux

There's been some confusion as to whether symbolic links are based on reparse points from my last post on symbolic links in Vista. Symbolic links are reparse points, too, not just junctions. Reparse points are an extension mechanism in NTFS for both files and directories, not just directories. They are
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Symbolic Links in Vista

I have been reading Hanselman's post on symbolic links in Vista and trying to get a handle on what exactly is the difference between junctions and the new UNIX-style symbolic links in Windows Vista. Windows Vista now supports four different types of links: shortcuts, hard links, junctions and symbolic links.
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