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My parents recently purchased a vacation/retirement condo in Florida. All the family members reunited for the grand opening earlier this month. I was very impressed. The floor is all marble. The walls facing the Atlantic Ocean are completely glass window, and the curtains are shaded, so that sunlight does not
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In an article "How Far Behind Is Linux" in the Wall Street Journal, Lee Gomes interviews Linus Torvald and learns that his own family members in his native Finland don't use Linux. Among Microsoft's customers, concedes Mr. Torvalds, are his father and sister, though Mom has managed to resist the
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Independence day

Today is my fourth anniversary since leaving Microsoft. Of those four years, two years were spent in business school, studying entrepreneurship; a year and a half was spent developing software. Am I better off than had I not left? I won't really now until my next anniversary, after my product has
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Finding Blogs

I plan on posting my OPML soon, but I am currently cleaning up and categorizing my current list of feeds. It looks like I have a little over 500 feeds right now. (I had, at one point, 1000, but aggressive purging of stale or uninteresting sites, I eliminated half of
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Development Fuel

Many developers live on soda. The obvious reason is the caffeine keeps the mind awake and highly functioning. Microsoft provides unlimited free soft drinks on campus mostly for this reason. I used to finish about eight cans of Diet Coke and other varieties a day when I developed there, but
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