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C# for Systems Programming

By way of the article “A glimpse into a new general purpose programming language under development at Microsoft” from the Lambda the Ultimate weblog, I came across Joe Duffy’s new post on C# for Systems Programming. Microsoft may be developing a native version of C# with additional extensions for systems
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Immutable & Isolated Types Likely in Future C#

Based on several pieces of evidence, immutable and isolated type designators are likely in a future version of C# and the common language runtime (CLR). These features will likely debut on .NET 5.0 in the next major iteration of Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2014. Immutable types in imperative language, US
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Anders On C# 6.0 at BUILD 2013

Anders Hejlsberg and Charles Torre talked about a future version of C#, version 6.0, at Windows Build 2013. (34:30) Visual Studio 2013 is the minor release version in an annual major/minor release cycle. The version of .NET included in VS  2013 is 4.5.1 which is an in-place upgrade of
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Immutable Collections

I have been successfully experimenting with functional programming techniques, most importantly immutable data structures, in a sophisticated user interface application project. Admittedly, I often use imperative algorithms and data structures inside transient operations to reduce memory allocations and GC pressure while generally reserving immutability for the long-living data structures. Imperative
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The Awkwardness of Functional Programming

Both Reddit’s main page and programming subreddit includes a popular post “Admitting that functional programming can be awkward.” Each of these subreddits have elicited numerous interesting responses. In it, James Hague recounts how a semi-successful Mac game he wrote called Bumbler is trivial to write in C, but that a
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Immutable Data Structures in C#

In the post on Path Finding using A*, Eric Lippert, programmer in the Visual C# team, writes that immutable data structures are the way of the future in C#. As immutable data structures have been a frequent posting topic of mine, I am really happy about this direction towards immutable data and functional
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Persistent Performance

There are a number of tricks that I discovered for getting performance out of persistent, immutable data structures. I also recently noticed this MSDN post on Persistent data structures. Persistent Arrays and Hashtables Persistent versions of arrays and hashtables do exist with similar constant-time behavior. They won’t be as fast since they
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Big Lists

As part of my goal of programming in a more functional programming style in C#, I have been looking at scalable, immutable representations of lists. Some may feel bothered by the log(n) allocations required for each operation to a persistent data structure. However, an operation can be arbitrarily complex like a
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