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Anders on C# 3.0

Anders has a few noteworthy nuggets from an interview a few years ago when COmega and Xen were still called X#. On X#Well, I wasn't involved in X#, but two of the people who were on the X# team are now members of the C# team. Some of X#'s ideas
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C# Futures

James Avery reports about a session with Anders Hejlsberg at TechEd on Monday. Apparently, C# 3.0 has been in development for the past couple years and includes members from the COmega team. COmega is a experimental extension of C# which include new data and concurrency features.Highlights of the next C#
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C# & Data

Anders Hejlsberg, inventor of C#, has repeatedly indicated in several interviews that some sort of database integration would be a major priority in the future evolution of the language. He laments the schism that presently exists between the existing programming languages and the database programming. In the development of Delphi
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C# Behind the Scenes

I found it surprising that people still don't understand how iterators and anonymous methods work in C# in Whidbey. I guess it takes my reading a new blog post every week to realize that not everyone has read the C# 2.0 specification. It's all in there, and it's not as
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C# Changes

These are a list of changes that I identified in C# Generics Generic Types Generic Methods Generic Delegates Constraints (where keyword) For Each support for Genercics Type.default operator Nullable Types & Operators Simplified Declation Support (? operator) Operator Lifting Coalescing Operator ?? Null Comparison Special boolean sematics Iterators Yield keyword
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Programming Office in C#

Cyrus Blather was commenting on development with the Microsoft Office object model. When creating Office applications, VB is definitely preferred over C# because OLE Automation was originally designed as a way for VB programmers to programmatically drive other applications. Unfortunately, VB supports a number of concepts that are awkward to
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Why Elevate Nullable Types?

When I first learned about extended support for nullable types into the C# language? I was surprised. Nullable types should be enhanced through adding libraries and using existing C# support for extending the syntax such as overloaded operators. This is how it would be done in C++. However, the new
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Nullable Types in C#

The updated C# 2.0 specification has been released. It looks like C# has gained another significant feature, extended syntax and support for nullable types. To refer to a nullable type, the base value type T needs to be followed by a question mark, which is shorthand for Nullable. Nullable types
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Official C# 2.0 Spec Unveiled

Today, the C# team published the most up-to-date specification of the C# language, which includes many improvements over the original proposal unveiled a year ago. The features introduced in the original proposal were noteworthy for including constructs from nontraditional languages like closures (aka anonymous methods) and coroutines (aka iterators) in
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Deterministic Finalization

One of the features that developers have missed moving to .NET framework is deterministic finalization. If you followed some of the internet discussion and even some of the comments from Microsoft developers, you would even be lead to believe that deterministic finalization within the .NET framework is impossible. Well, I
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Mort vs Elvis

Someone commented that personas, Mort and Elvis, don't really matter much for VB and C#, because the two languages are essentially isomorphic. Personas are used to focus the product on the typical type of customer; this makes the product more focused and improves the design. Instead of building for all
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