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C# for Systems Programming

By way of the article “A glimpse into a new general purpose programming language under development at Microsoft” from the Lambda the Ultimate weblog, I came across Joe Duffy’s new post on C# for Systems Programming. Microsoft may be developing a native version of C# with additional extensions for systems
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Mads on the Future of C# (6.0)

Mads Torgersen, head program manager of C#, presented the “Future of C#” at the NDC London conference on Friday morning 12/6. Most of the “probable” new features announced moved C# to a more succinct, functional programming style. Import type members into namespace. Succinct syntax for primary constructors. Readonly properties Property
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Immutable & Isolated Types Likely in Future C#

Based on several pieces of evidence, immutable and isolated type designators are likely in a future version of C# and the common language runtime (CLR). These features will likely debut on .NET 5.0 in the next major iteration of Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2014. Immutable types in imperative language, US
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“In” Parameters Proposal for C# 6.0

I propose a new feature that will make manipulation of value types more efficient, produce more readable code, and encourage greater use of the functional programming style. I disclaim any ownership to this idea. Currently, there are two C# keywords that allow parameters to be passed by reference, “ref” and
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Anders On C# 6.0 at BUILD 2013

Anders Hejlsberg and Charles Torre talked about a future version of C#, version 6.0, at Windows Build 2013. (34:30) Visual Studio 2013 is the minor release version in an annual major/minor release cycle. The version of .NET included in VS  2013 is 4.5.1 which is an in-place upgrade of
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C# Everywhere

Miguel de Icaza, founder of Xamarin, describes his C# Everywhere strategy for Mono. Earlier this year, there was a question of Mono’s survival, when the project was canceled after the Attachmate acquisition. However, the Mono team reconstituted itself under the umbrella of Xamarin, and have regained the rights to sell
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IL Features Missing in C#

I came back from the Lang.NET conference and spoke to members of the C# team about two features which are exposed in IL, but are not available in C#. 1) Extended precision for floating-point calculations. 2) Tail call optimizations. In C++, intermediate calculations can be performed at the highest precision
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Immutable Data Structures in C#

In the post on Path Finding using A*, Eric Lippert, programmer in the Visual C# team, writes that immutable data structures are the way of the future in C#. As immutable data structures have been a frequent posting topic of mine, I am really happy about this direction towards immutable data and functional
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MVP - C#

I just received this email message from Microsoft this morning: Dear Wesner Moise, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2007 Microsoft® MVP Award! The Microsoft MVP Award is our way of saying thank you and to honor and support the significant contributions you make to communities worldwide.
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Closures in Java Vs C# (Non-Local Gotos, Custom Syntax)

Sun is looking to add closures into an upcoming version of the Java language. Partial closures are already supported through the heavyweight inner classes feature. Interestingly, full closures were available in a prerelease version of Java and then removed due to user feedback. I spoke to Gilad Bracha at the Lang.Net
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Practical .NET and C# 2

I came across some praise for a new C# title “Practical .NET2 and C#2” by Patrick Smacchia. This book recently joined some other C# books in my bookshelf alongside books by Richter, Sells, Box, and so on. The book is very well-written and very comprehensive, covering the common language runtine, the
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From/Select and Select/From

Paul Vick writes about the debate over using FROM/SELECT (the FLWOR notation, which C# and XQuery use) versus SELECT/FROM (which VB and SQL use) for querying data. It seems that are a number of technical reasons why the FLWOR notation is preferable (intellisense, locality of sequence, order of execution), but
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Robert Scoble warned about “shock and awe” from the new PDC announcements. I must admit that I was shocked. I have been looking at the C# and LINQ docs available at MSDN. Language Integrated Query (LINQ) for the most part appears to have been designed well. Integration across multiple data
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C# News

PDC session abstracts have recently gone live with some new details on the C# language. Some of the other tracks don’t really intrigue me as much. Avalon and Indigo are already in beta, so I don’t expect much to change before release. IE7 needs to play catch up in web
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Dynamic Typing in C#

The next iteration of C# is poised to become multi-paradigmatic, addressing numerous issues in programming. Most discussions focused on SQL and XML data integration and concurrency, but new features mentioned by a journal submission suggest an assault on dynamic languages is in preparation. Eric Meijer and Peter Drayton recently submitted
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