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Whidbey May Miss the Next Coding Revolution

The Visual Studio.NET source code editing capabilities have consistently lagged the competition, mainly in the Java space. While Whidbey introduces some much needed enhancements to the C# (and VB) IDE such as refactoring and dynamic code formatting to catch, I predict that Whidbey will find itself once again behind the
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Kurzweil's Law -- Moore's Law Generalized

Ray Kurzweil, famous inventor and AI philosopher, has a fascinating article on "The Law of Accelerating Returns" that generalizes on Moore's Law and reaches stunning conclusions about the past and the future of technology. The driving force in Moore's law (that of accelerating returns or positive feedback) are a natural
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Will Machines Become Conscious?

I came across this link "Will Machines Become Conscious?" in KurzweilAI.NET. Ray Kurzweil is a leading expert on artificial intelligence and wrote the book the "Age of Intelligent Machines." One of the companies that Kurzweil founded is ScanSoft, which develops scanner technology to convert images to text. It is a
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