January 2008

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Playing Chess with God

Although the title is appropriate, I wasn't actually planning on writing a post about the legendary chess grandmaster, Bobby Fischer, who died in the past few days, but I will take a few moments to pay my respects. I was a long admirer of him, and, over the years, I
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Principle of Most Power

Turing Completeness Yesterday was Donald Knuth's seventieth birthday. I used to own the three volumes of his Art of Computer Programming, and have even quoted the book once in my blog regarding corountines. Although the content was valuable, I could not tolerate the use of the MIX assembly language with
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Smart Software

Computation as the Ultimate Metaphor

Rodney Brook, an AI professor at MIT and author of Flesh and Machine, wrote this response "Computation as the Ultimate Metaphor" to a question posed by the Edge Foundation, "What have you changed your mind about during the 2007?" The Edge Foundation is a site that I have long subscribed
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