Type Names

10/5/2007 5:19:35 PM

Type Names

I picked up a lot of interesting knowledge about C# in the course of developing and testing a parser for the language. I'll try to post a few tidbits as they come to mind again.

One nice tidbit is how to create new short type names without having to specify the full name of every non-primitive type, especially inside of generic type names.

Normally, using "using" to create a new type name, even in the presence of the appropriate namespace import, one has to fully qualify every type name that is not a keyword.

using System.Collections.Generic;
using T = System.Collections.Generic.List<string>

However, if the "using" is inside a namespace, then it will utilize any imports located in an outer namespace.

using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace MyCompany
    using T = List<string>;






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