October 2007

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In an article "How Far Behind Is Linux" in the Wall Street Journal, Lee Gomes interviews Linus Torvald and learns that his own family members in his native Finland don't use Linux. Among Microsoft's customers, concedes Mr. Torvalds, are his father and sister, though Mom has managed to resist the
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I haven't been very productive in the past few weeks as I have been preparing to move and clear up longstanding issues. I was hoping to move after my product's release, but background stress stemming from my current living situation and increases in my living costs spurred me to leave
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WPF Redux

I spoke to someone in the WPF team regarding a post I wrote about my eventual plans to incorporate WPF into a future release of my product. The post was http://blog.netundocumented.com/2007/07/orcas-beta-2.html. My prior concerns were alleviated in the discussion. The Complete Package There were some bloggers who mentioned the WPF
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Immutable Data Structures in C#

In the post on Path Finding using A*, Eric Lippert, programmer in the Visual C# team, writes that immutable data structures are the way of the future in C#. As immutable data structures have been a frequent posting topic of mine, I am really happy about this direction towards immutable data and functional
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Books and Software

Charles Petzold, well-known author, writes about Hard Work, No Pay: What's the Point?, a response to Jeff Atwood's post on publishing his own first book. I looked into the economics of writing books, and, considering the amount of time it takes to actually write a book (Charles says six months
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Type Names

I picked up a lot of interesting knowledge about C# in the course of developing and testing a parser for the language. I'll try to post a few tidbits as they come to mind again. One nice tidbit is how to create new short type names without having to specify
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My main tasks in the past couple of months have been divided between bug-fixing and improving scalability. In the latter case, testing on large projects revealed bottlenecks caused by uncontrolled expression growth, for which I came up with a general solution. I have been spending a considerable amount of time
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