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Hard Problems, Simple Solutions

In my previous post on Fabricated Complexity, I wrote about a quote that I found myself repeatedly agreeing with: The solution to a hard problem, when solved, is simple. A commenter remarked: I disagree, though - certainly many things are overcomplicated due to reasons you state, but this doesn't mean
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Smart Software

Fabricated Complexity

There is a quote in computer science, “the solution to a hard problem, when solved, is simple.” I don’t know who to attribute it to, but I have repeatedly found myself arriving at very simple and elegant solutions to hard problems—problems in natural language, in AI, and in application development.
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Source code analysis is not really the focus of my software company. I am just trying to build a fast and intelligent reasoning system to support the development of my other applications. I decided to develop NStatic as a testbed for my core AI technology. It was actually supposed to be
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Program Verification

J Strother Moore described program verification in his talk entitled “A Mechanized Program Verifier” at the 2005 Verification Grand Challenge Workshop. The verification community seeks to build a system that can follow the reasoning of an average human engaged in a creative, computational, problem solving task lasting months or years
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Bullets Flying My Way

Larry O'Brien has been questioning my critique of Fred Brook's essay, "No Silver Bullets" in my post Lego Programming. Actually, he turned my post into a strawman argument and tied my name to an argument that I didn’t really make—that IDEs are a silver bullet. IDEs certainly have introduced a
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Confirmed Talk

I managed to get a confirmed date for a talk at the .NET Developers Association. Here is the event link, soon to be updated with my bio, photo and topic synopsis. This was the first open presentation date. It's a General Meeting on Monday, February 5, 2007 at Microsoft Building
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Lego Programming

Joel reviewed a book Beyond Java, and, in his review, he enthusiastically recommended an essay by Fred Brooks called "No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering." He recently mentioned it again in his post Lego Programming. Brooks wrote the Mythical Man Month, which was really the first software engineering text. It was
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