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Persistent Performance

There are a number of tricks that I discovered for getting performance out of persistent, immutable data structures. I also recently noticed this MSDN post on Persistent data structures. Persistent Arrays and Hashtables Persistent versions of arrays and hashtables do exist with similar constant-time behavior. They won’t be as fast since they
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Closures in Java Vs C# (Non-Local Gotos, Custom Syntax)

Sun is looking to add closures into an upcoming version of the Java language. Partial closures are already supported through the heavyweight inner classes feature. Interestingly, full closures were available in a prerelease version of Java and then removed due to user feedback. I spoke to Gilad Bracha at the Lang.Net
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Powers Of Ten

The New York Times recently included an interesting graphic,“Separated at Birth,” which compares the image of the universe to that of a mouse’s neurons. The graphic strangely suggests that the universe may wrap around itself as we delve more into the infinite or the infinitesimal. This notion is captured nicely
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Big Lists

As part of my goal of programming in a more functional programming style in C#, I have been looking at scalable, immutable representations of lists. Some may feel bothered by the log(n) allocations required for each operation to a persistent data structure. However, an operation can be arbitrarily complex like a
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Floating-Point Numbers

Working with floating-point numbers can be a pain. I have written several posts on floating-point arithmetic including Numbers in .NET, Floating Point Arithmetic I and II. There is a good article on “What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic.” There’s also another great article which describes what, I believe,
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Miguel and Avalon

Joe Beda has a post “Avalon marks the end of the American Dream,” quoting Miguel de Icaza in the latter’s post “A J2EE Moment of Zen:” Avalon is the J2EE of GUI APIs. Miguel’s post originated from a conversation I had with him yesterday at the Lang.NET Symposium. It seems
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Research Pipeline

On the last day of the Lang.NET Symposium, I sat through an interesting lecture on F# with Don Syme. Don Syme is a researcher at Microsoft Research’s Cambridge office. He and Andrew Kennedy previously researched and designed generics years before its eventual incorporation into the Whidbey version (2.0) of the .NET
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At the Lang.NET Symposium, I met up a member of the Spec# research team, Mike Barnett, shared with him information about the tool I was working on, and gave him my contact information. As I suspected earlier, Rustan Leino, who previously worked at HP/Compaq on ESC/Java, joined Microsoft to work on
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