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Playing with Office

I continued playing around the new versions of Microsoft Office to check up on changes. I have to look at every features again, because anything could have changed. The Office beta website provides minimal details. Clearly, there’s a huge investment in the user interface. I wonder how much time was
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Why Functional Programming Matters

I just came across a paper about why functional programming matters. This paper is full of a ton of software paradoxes. Functional programmers argue that there are great material benefits - that a functional programmer is an order of magnitude more productive than his conventional counterpart, because functional programs are an
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Partial Office UI

I promised that I would deliver the new Office UI that NStatic uses this morning. Unfortunately, I am currently redoing the icons on the ribbon, so you’ll have to wait another day or two. For now, I’ll give you a partial glimpse. Hopefully, you’ll get your hands on this release
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Silver Bullet

No Silver Bullet. Decades ago, Fred Brooks wrote that there is no silver bullet—that there is no methodology that will improve productivity, reliability, simplicity by an order of magnitude. But, as we look to the horizon of a decade hence, we see no silver bullet. There is no single development,
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Software Built to Replace a Human

I just noticed this blog post on “software built to replace a human” referred to by someone in Joel’s forms. That’s the whole raison d’etre for my software company, SoftPerson — hence the name. Currently at work I'm writing some EDI (electronic data interchange) software that I know for a fact
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Office 12 UI

I have been playing around with the second beta of Microsoft Office, and I am very impressed with the changes made to the user interface. In attempting to design a fresh new UI and distinguish it from those of other software companies, though, Microsoft is in a weaker position than ten years ago,
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Google Interviews

Chris Sells points to a blog post in which someone undergoes two days of interviews for a contracting position at Google.  The poster mentions a Google interview question that refers to the famous birthday paradox. However, the poster seems to have recall the interview question incorrectly, as it has an trivial, uninteresting
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Professor Sleator

I was doing a search on persistent data structures, and came across this paper by CMU Professor Daniel Sleator in the late 1980s. I have encountered his name so often in the course of my work, I wondered if we shared similar interests. Daniel Sleator coinvented the splay tree data structure, which
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LINQ Update

Microsoft released an update of its upcoming LINQ extensions to .NET. The database support is feeling much more complete. I noted a proliferation of new keywords to the query comprehension syntax such as join, let, and equal. On the one hand, relational operators have been around for a long time
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Functional Programming

In my quest to incorporate more declarative programming techniques (especially, from functional and logical programming) in my applications and eliminate all the cruft left behind from traditional imperative programming, I found a number of items on the web. There are some in the blogosphere that are newly converted to functional programming. Larry
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I can’t spend too much time on a problem, or I become bored and unproductive. Sometimes, I alleviate this tendency by frequently switching from development to testing mode. Periodically, I switch temporarily to some other long-term project of mine. I don’t engage in non-software recreational activities, since I am not
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Excel has a feature called “File/Save Workspaces…” which saves the layout of multiple spreadsheets, so that in the future one can load multiple spreadsheets at once in a preconfigured arrangement. (There’s also a similar feature “Views/Custom Views” which works within a single spreadsheet and preserves a number of view and
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