Programming Languages in the Future

2/7/2006 4:11:01 PM

Programming Languages in the Future

In the future, mainstream programming languages will:

  • allow base classes to be extended
  • eliminate several new classes of errors from the language by design
    • accessing arrays out-of-bounds
    • dereferencing null pointers
    • integer overflow
    • accessing uninitialized variables
  • introduce new concepts
    • dependent types
    • dependent functions
    • universal quantification
  • incorporate Haskell-style comprehensions
  • perform lenient evaluation (as opposed to lazy evaluation)
  • address concurrency through
    • software transactional memory
    • implicit data and thread parallelism

So says Tim Sweeney who gave a talk at POPL entitled “The Next Mainstream Programming Languages: A Game Developer’s Perspective“ via Lambda the Ultimate.







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