Agile Programming at Microsoft

12/8/2005 2:03:35 PM

Agile Programming at Microsoft

Matt Davey said that he would have asked the following questions about agile programming at Microsoft during ScottGu’s talk on MS Development Process. In fact, after Scott pointed out that developers produced unit tests and added additional tests upon finding regressions, I asked him all the same questions except the last two. (Actually, when I arrived late, I vaguely recalled Scott asking the audience for a show of hands of how many people knew XP, but I didn’t hear his response.)

  • Are any agile techniques used during the development process?
  • ScottGu seemed somewhat puzzled, asking “by agile programming, you mean paired programming?” and stating “no.” He or someone in the audience jokingly referred to developers stepping on each other’s too.

  • Scrum?
  • I asked Scott, “I know the SQL Server team successfully incorporated Scrum into its development process. Is it practiced at ASP.NET?”

    ScottGu proceeds to briefly explain what Scrum and implies that Scrum is too much process for the whole development, which is ironic since it is supposed to be a lightweight. However, it is practiced at the feature team level.

  • Paired programming?
  •  See above..

  • With regards the unit test, are they written using TDD?
  •  I didn’t ask this question, but I don’t believe the ASP.NET does.

  • Can Scott blog the real schedule, design docs, code, test plan that were shown?
  • Scott Guthrie has a blog at, so you can ask him directly.







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