VS 2005 Bugs

11/4/2005 6:54:20 AM

VS 2005 Bugs

A few bloggers, Frans Brouma and Roy Oosherove, have reported stability issues with VS 2005 RTM. I have noticed a few problems too after a week of usage; Beta2 seemed more stable.

Last night, I spent a hour figuring out why I was receiving Internal Compiler Errors, which indicated that the error occurred during the DEFINE phase of the compilation. The error messages were uninformative; about the only thing, I could ascertain was that the errors appeared to be related to generics. I scanned all the diffs since my last working build, but couldn’t track down the problem. After each clean build, the errors would repro in a different location in my project.

After restarting VS 2005, the errors magically went away. I’ll try that first next time.







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