Google AdSense

11/8/2005 3:17:42 PM

Google AdSense

Simply by putting Google AdSense on my blog, an expenditure of about two hours of my time, I just increase my annual income by about $1000. How much higher can it go if become more aggressive or if my audience traffic grows through the passage of time?

Since most blog traffic comes through RSS, doesn’t it make sense for ads to be included in RSS feeds. The revenue potential appears huge (relatively). I wondered about this and it appears that Google is indeed beta testing AdSense for RSS.

However, I could see RSS ads impacting readership negatively, unless they are subtle and out of the way. Click-through rates should fall dramatically, because most feeds are skimmed quickly or skipped entirely due to their heading. Also, these ads may not fit well within certain types of views—newspaper-style columns—in various RSS readers. 






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