November 2005

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Office Open XML

Microsoft, in case you haven’t heard, just announced that they are submitting Office 12 XML to the ECMA standards body for standardization after feeling pressure from European Union. ECMA will produce the official documentation for the unencumbered use by all, but Microsoft will retain exclusive ownership of format. This is
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Joel Test

Joel created the “Joel Test,” which is a measure of how good a software team is. (Attaching one’s own name to a set of rules is a great PR move.) The test is simple. Just answer yes or no to each question. Do you use source control? Can you make
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Static Analysis

I mentioned earlier in my post “Get Your Butt Outta Bed and Build Something” that I would be shipping subproducts before my main product. My main product (which shall remain secret) is general-purpose desktop application and may attract an audience that requires more hand-holding and is less tolerant of inevitable
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Orcas and Open Specs

I have reading through a post on Microsoft’s future plans regarding Orcas (Visual Studio 2007) from my secret Microsoft informant, high up in the corporate ladder. The big thing for me was that Microsoft plans to publish its internal product specs as they are written… One thing that I want to start
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Google AdSense

Simply by putting Google AdSense on my blog, an expenditure of about two hours of my time, I just increase my annual income by about $1000. How much higher can it go if become more aggressive or if my audience traffic grows through the passage of time? Since most blog traffic
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Blog Redesign II

I have recently redesigned my weblog and am planning to posting more frequently in the past. There are a few additional steps to enhance my weblog. Blog Design & Usability First, I am attempting to free my blog of the Top Ten Blog Design Mistakes according to Jakob Neilsen (via Jeff
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Living on the Edge

I pinpointed the cause of my internal compiler errors while programming under C# in Visual Studio 2005. I included some of my errors in the comments of my post on Visual Studio 2005 Bugs. Over the course of the Visual Studio beta program, I have encountered four different internal compilation
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Blog Redesign

I am using FireFox as my default browser currently and can read my blog without any problem, but one reader claims issues. Has anyone else had problems reading this site using FireFox (or any other browser) under the new design? Stupid me, if any person had problems reading my post, then that
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VS 2005 Is A Good Product

After my prior post on VS 2005 bugs, I found my name, splattered all over the blogosphere, culminating in a mention from Mini-Microsoft regarding VS 2005 stability. My post along with those of Frans Brouma and Roy Oosherove initiated a viral phenomenon on the Internet. Despite the few hiccups, I am enjoying VS
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Thinking in Ifs

Joel recently made this comment on Google versus Microsoft:A very senior Microsoft developer who moved to Google told me that Google works and thinks at a higher level of abstraction than Microsoft. "Google uses Bayesian filtering the way Microsoft uses the if statement," he said. That's true. Google also uses
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VS 2005 Bugs

A few bloggers, Frans Brouma and Roy Oosherove, have reported stability issues with VS 2005 RTM. I have noticed a few problems too after a week of usage; Beta2 seemed more stable. Last night, I spent a hour figuring out why I was receiving Internal Compiler Errors, which indicated that the error
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Big, Bad Microsoft

There’s been some conspiracy theories about Microsoft’s decision to include a three-year old version of Word with Microsoft Works Suite 2006. Outsiders automatically assume the worst from Microsoft. Most Microsoft employees are actually passionate about their work, which they see as contributing positively and enormously to the world. The mindset is
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