Paying Developer Taxes

8/27/2005 6:10:22 AM

Paying Developer Taxes

Raymond Chen asks how one could persuade developers to pay taxes—eg, power management, roaming user profiles, fast user switching, hierarchical storage management, multiple monitors, remote desktop and 64–bit windows. I, for one, avoid using Real Media because I can’t take advantage of my second monitor to view movies.

I think that Microsoft should make these features as transparent and easy to deal with as possible. For instance, Avalon is extremely bandwidth-friendly on remote desktops. Managed code makes it easy for the same code to run on 32–bit and 64–bit mode.

I am guilty of not worrying about power management, simply because I wasn’t aware that it was an issue for me to be concerned with. In fact, with my AI and other features, I intended to max out the CPU. I do, however, check for remote desktop and terminal server mode to reduce the amount of unnecessary graphics, and I do behave correctly for fast user switching, multiple monitors, and 64–bit windows.







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