8/10/2005 2:37:52 PM


Channel 9 currently has a video on Metro, which  is based on a subset of XAML. Metro has been touted as the Microsoft response to Adobe’s Acrobat format, a format which looks the same displayed on screen and printed. The official name of Metro is the XML Paper Specification and fully detailed in the Metro Specification and Reference guide.

 This seems to be the realization of my prediction of XAML becoming a universal document format. It may also accelerate adoption for eBooks.

  • Any document can be printed to Metro using Windows Vista Digital Document printer driver. Interestingly, in the video, Word documents actually appear more attractive after conversion to Metro documents.
  • Metro is the native spool file format for Windows Vista print architecture, competing with PCL and Postscript.
  • It has its own namespace in WinFX (System.Windows.Documents and System.Windows.Reach), so anyone can easily create and access such documents.
  • It uses the same packaging model as the Office XML+ZIP file formats.
  • Metro documents support annotations and probably includes rich Microsoft Vista shell integration.
  • Metro documents are viewable from within Internet Explorer 7.







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