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C# & Data

Anders Hejlsberg, inventor of C#, has repeatedly indicated in several interviews that some sort of database integration would be a major priority in the future evolution of the language. He laments the schism that presently exists between the existing programming languages and the database programming. In the development of Delphi
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.NET , C#

Disruptive Programming Languages

I thought this post would be interesting, given my post “Taking on category leaders,” earlier this year. A slide and video by a Microsoft researcher, Todd Proebsting,  entitled “Disruptive Programming Languages” explains, using principles from the popular book “The Innovator's Dilemma,” why languages like C/C++ are losing steam to newer
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Microsoft's Mouthpiece

Some reader’s, who are skeptical about the Microsoft’s Office XML file format claim, believe that I am not critical enough of Microsoft’s announcement. However, I did read through the white papers and I did examine the license agreement for using those formats.Some of the criticisms leveled at Microsoft are that the file
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A blogger (can’t find his link anymore) just recently pointed out a leaky abstraction in .NET, that pointers are the only types in .NET that can’t be cast to object. In other words, pointers cannot be boxed.It’s true that, in C#, pointers cannot be boxed. It’s probably true that they cannot be boxed directly
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Semantic Web and Ontologies

I have been following news of the Semantic Web. I admit that I don’t fully understand all the details mainly for lack of time, but I do understand the benefits in allowing software agents to navigate and intelligently process information on the Internet. An agent is simply computer parlance for
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Lightweight Code Generation

Lightweight Code Generation and Reflection.Emit are one of my favorite features allowing me to extend the C# language in ways. Fast Late Binding Joel Pobar has a post from last year on hot to use Dynamic Methods (part of Lightweight Code Generation) to create extremely fast late bounded methods calls
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Long time reader, Stephane unsubscribes from my feed because of my enthusiastic support for Office XML and then makes me the subject of ridicule in one of his posts.  He says that I lack credibility. Boo hoo hoo…. The funny thing is that I just subscribed to his feed to
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Original Ideas

Tempering my earlier enthusiam, Rich Birkby said that Microsoft took the idea of compressed XML file formats from StarOffice. Indeed, here’s an early document describing the rationale for OpenOffice’s XML package format. Microsoft has the bigger podium and the larger microphone to push forth their claim to the invention. This
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Has Microsoft Found Its Format?

I am so glad that Microsoft is close to abandoning the BIFF (binary interchange file format) that Word and Excel use for XML. It was designed for a different era, really messy to process, hard to extend and hard to retain compatibility with prior versions. The existing file format, for
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Office XML, II

I read through some of the Office XML documents, and the design, I must say, is utterly brilliant. They made it dramatically easy to read and write files including binary data such as images. They solved every major issue like file size, privacy, macro viruses, corruption, data recovery, third-party extensibility
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VS Hawaii

As further evidence of the trend towards the concept of “Source Code In Database,” check out this information about Nautilus (possibly part of VS Hawaii) that DonXML uncovered:Nautilus is a small, focused team within the Developer Division charged with creating exciting, new, leading edge tools targeting Longhorn. While components of
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Office and XML

This is such good news from Yahoo — Next Office Edition to Default to XML. Microsoft will default all Office formats to XML. They have also made it more concise and also allow it to save out to single-file, including pictures, charts and other objects. Microsoft also adds ZIP compression,
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Hungarian Notation

One of the many improvements, I believe, that the .NET Framework introduced to Windows programming was the eradication of Hungarian notation. Hungarian notation is the practice of including an abbreviated prefix in front of a variable name to indicate both its type and usually its function. One of the benefits that
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EU Versus Microsoft

I am not very fond of Microsoft’s actions towards competitors in the past, but I am even less appreciative of the current EU position on Microsoft regarding the Windows Media issue. Microsoft submitted a proposal last night to meet a deadline and avoid paying another half-billion dollars in fines. I
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Would You Have Allowed Bill Gates To Be Born?

MSNBC has an article of the same title that talks about the implications of genetic testing. People, for example, with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild version of autism, may be prematurely aborted if left to parental choice. Bill Gates is reportedly a a famous and classic example of those with the
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