Data Integration in Languages

6/11/2005 9:23:52 AM

Data Integration in Languages

After having written my post about COmega, I just learned about E4X (ECMAscript for XML) which integrates XML directly into the Javascript language. This support includes inline XML as well as XPath-like generalized member access. There appears to be similar efforts going on for both Ruby and Java. SQL integration isn’t really new either, since “embedded SQL” has been around for a long time. 

So, the new features in .NET languages aren’t really that new, but I do sense the integration of these features in .NET go much deeper. The integration of the SQL language, for instance, won’t simply be limited to database access as in the past but will extend to objects and data. The new XML data structures are real typed objects, not a thin veneer over XmlNodes. With this integration, the compiler could introduced new efficient implementations. Generalized member access would, for example, be transformed into nested foreach loops or iterators depending on the context.

This level of integration is remininscent of the ambitious C++/CLI effort to integrate into the managed world and at the same time to spread the benefits of the CLR to unmanaged world as well. 







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