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High-tech Outsourcing

Outsourcing of software development is such a hot button issue in the high-tech industry, but I personally really don’t have any problem with this. My beliefs tend to the socially conscious libertarian sort, so I am predisposed to agree with opinions of economists, who rigorously and intellectually treat this topic
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Rich RSS Integration in Longhorn

So, Dean Hachamovitch, GPM of Microsoft IE unit, announced at GnomeDex the integration of RSS in both Internet Explorer and Windows. He stated the Web was moving to a third phase of navigation--browsing, searching, and now subscribing. By the way, I knew Dean, when he was my teaching assistant in
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E-book Happenings

Here are some quiet happenings as e-books struggles to cross the technological chasm. This is what technology looks like when it struggles under the radar years before mainstream acceptance. Sony, Philips and digital paper pioneer E-Ink began selling last year in Japan (of course) a paperback-sized electronic book reader that uses
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Open Your Mind

Chris Nahr writes There's no way I'd read an e-book for anything not computer related -- a physical book ist just much more comfortable to use, and allows me to get away from the computer. Even computer literature that isn't purely a reference for programming I'd rather read without a
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Building a Website

I am someone who prefers to know everything and retain 100% control, although, in recent years, I have learned to delegate a little more often. I have always done my taxes myself with the help of Excel, even when I had a complicated 25–page tax return in 1998. Back then,
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Anders on C# 3.0

Anders has a few noteworthy nuggets from an interview a few years ago when COmega and Xen were still called X#. On X#Well, I wasn't involved in X#, but two of the people who were on the X# team are now members of the C# team. Some of X#'s ideas
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COmega, II

After reading several more articles on COmega, I filled in more details on the probable features of C# 3.0 regarding data. A good source of information was the MSDN article Integrating XML into Popular Programming Languages. From reading the papers of COmega, the authors imply that there really only three forms
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Concurrency Revolution

Well-known C++ author, Herb Sutter, wrote “The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software” in Dr. Dobbs Journal about a fundamental turning point in processor design in which traditional approaches to improving speed (except increases in cache sizes) are running out of steam and manufacturers are
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Universal File Formats

Via Brian Jones blog, I looked at the Metro spec to learn more about the Office file formats. The spec documents in significant detail the new universal XML+ZIP packaging file format including numerous new concepts such as part and relationships. The packaging format is based on ZIP, but it goes
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Data Integration in Languages

After having written my post about COmega, I just learned about E4X (ECMAscript for XML) which integrates XML directly into the Javascript language. This support includes inline XML as well as XPath-like generalized member access. There appears to be similar efforts going on for both Ruby and Java. SQL integration isn’t really new
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Microsoft Research previously made public two experimental extensions of C# , Spec# and COmega (formerly polyphonic C and Xen). They are research projects, so they may not necessarily enter the language, but the C# team may decide to incorporate the new extensions. One of the sessions preannounced at PDC 2005
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Human vs Computer

In my post Disruptive Programming Languages, I snared Ian Griffiths into my trap. Ian Griffiths is an .NET author and instructor at DevelopMentor and writes lots of low-level .NET articles on the web. I own his book .NET Windows Forms in a Nutshell. Maybe he’s getting back at me, after
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C# Futures

James Avery reports about a session with Anders Hejlsberg at TechEd on Monday. Apparently, C# 3.0 has been in development for the past couple years and includes members from the COmega team. COmega is a experimental extension of C# which include new data and concurrency features.Highlights of the next C#
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Apple On Intel

I have heard the rumors for years now about Apple switching to Intel, and I disregarded them since I didn’t believe a move to x86 was actually feasible. I see MacNewsWorld had a debate one year ago about the merits of moving over the Intel. I know that the press comes up with
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Ternary Systems

I have always been fascinated with alternative computer representations of data such as numbers. When we standardize on a particular representation of any type of data, it may make us more efficient, but I also think that we lose something in process. This is why we have a decimal type in an
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