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PDC 2005

I am concerned about the state of Longhorn, since it has been in development for several years, and there’s been very little to show for it in the WinHEC build. Paul Thurott suspected a “makings of a trainwreck.”Longhorn has been rebuilt on top of the Windows XP codebase, and there has
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Visual Studio Future

eWeek a few weeks ago reported on two future versions of Visual Studio, Orcas and Hawaii. Orcas version is slated to ship next year a few months after Longhorn to support new Longhorn features. I guess in order for Orcas guarantee it works with the released version of Longhorn, it
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Unmanaged Longhorn

The story came up on Microsoft Watch, that Longhorn has a dirty little secret—that it won't be built on managed code. This has been talked about all over the blogosphere and caused quite a stir in Joel’s discussion forum. References were made to Paul Thurott’s insider report that Longhorn underwent
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Grand Unification

One problem that I have seen in computer software is the lack of integration. There are several different fields in computer science—computer graphics, artificial intelligence, networking, databases, compilers, programming languages, etc—and those fields have always existed in isolated silos. Each of these field have their own different and inconsistent operating
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Open Generic Types

This is an undocumented feature of C#, not mentioned in any published article or in the current draft of the C#2.0 specification. It was recently revealed in one of Microsoft’s developer newsgroups by a developer in the C# team.To refer to an open generic type, one simply uses an empty parameter list < >. If
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