March 2005

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CLR Dinner

I had dinner with the BCL (Base Class Library) Team on Tuesday. Among those in attendance were Brad Abrams, Kit George, Joe Duffy and other framework developers. The ratio of Microsoft employees to non-Microsoft people was about 2:1. I voiced a few concerns of mine: Open API Specs. I argued
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Longhorn News has a new report on Longhorn status with three new pictures on the sidebars. According to WinSuperSite, Longhorn is going to quietly be passing a milestone tomorrow (March 16, 2005) as it enters platform code complete, the last deadline before the Longhorn development beta (Beta 1), occuring in summer. This
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February CTP

The Microsoft employee from the SQL Server team, from my earlier post Whidbey Beta 2 Coming Up, was either mistaken about the immediate release of beta 2, referring to Yukon beta 3 being locked down for Whidbey beta 2, or referring to the just released February CTP. (Or he could be right, but
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.NET Regular Expression Quiz

I am planning to post some of my observations about the regular expression library contained in the .NET framework. Here are some true and false regular expression questions?1) True or false? Without using the minimal-matching regular expression operators ( ??, *?, +? ), regular expressions will match the longest string of
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Whidbey Beta 2 Coming Up

I came across a blog comment by a Microsoft employee, Hannes Preishuber, that the Whidbey beta 2 should be coming up in the next few days. This is a few weeks earlier than the the March 31 delivery date announced by Somasegar, corporate VP of Microsoft’s developer divisions, but still
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