.NET Compact Framework

1/6/2005 7:07:52 PM

.NET Compact Framework

.NET Compact Framework and Runtime is shaping up to be a very different and weaker beast from the regular .NET Framework.

  1. The Compact Framework supports a very small subset of the methods and types available in the Base Class Library and WinForms... Lack of GDI+ also impacts the available methods and types in System.Drawing.
  2. The CF Garbage Collector is an entirely different beast... For example,  the CF collector, which optimizes for memory over speed, does not use a generational model and performs a full GC whenever an application is switched to the background.
  3. Generics in CF 2.0 is a limited version of .NET version, omitting support for code sharing for closed types that used reference type parameters, omitting support for expansive generic recursion, and so on...






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