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Independence day

Today is my fourth anniversary since leaving Microsoft. Of those four years, two years were spent in business school, studying entrepreneurship; a year and a half was spent developing software. Am I better off than had I not left? I won't really now until my next anniversary, after my product has
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Steve Maine writes: "What I really want to know is this: As a customer, why should I upgrade to Longhorn and not just settle for Avalon/Indigo on XP or 2003?"Now that the three pillars of Longhorn are either delayed (WinFS) or available on downlevel systems (Avalon and Indigo), is there any
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Broadly Available

In my previous post Platform Push, I lamented the fact that I'd may have to redistribute various runtimes and libraries over the next few years with my applications. From a different perspective, having the various technologies available broadly earlier (because Longhorn will ship in early 2006 and because the technology will be
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Dynamic Properties and Code Generation

Michael has did to say about my code-generation work.Interesting approach for code generation using XML. I think there are some disadvantages though. The whole system becomes more complex and code generator takes time to run. But this is the cost of additional abstraction layer...Sometimes, the programming language we used doesn't
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Fast Searches

Since WinFS is being delayed, Longhorn won't have full database capabilities in its filesystem when it ships; however, it will still provide integrated support for fast indexing.  An interview with Bill Gates today regarding the latest news (the delay of WinFS and Longhorn's ETA of 2006) mentioned that Longhorn's initial
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Platform Push

Microsoft Watch is reporting two new developments, which may be announced by Microsoft possibly this afternoon, so that Longhorn can reach consumers by 2006.WinFS may be delayed after Longhorn.Avalon may be decoupled from Longhorn and available for Windows XP.WinFS has been a major risk factor because of its sluggish performance,
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Finding Blogs

I plan on posting my OPML soon, but I am currently cleaning up and categorizing my current list of feeds. It looks like I have a little over 500 feeds right now. (I had, at one point, 1000, but aggressive purging of stale or uninteresting sites, I eliminated half of
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Partial Classes and Code Generation

I recently read a post where the author was enthusiastic about the introduction of generics, anonymous methods, and iterators into C#, but really didn't see the utility of partial classes. It didn't seem to add any real new functionality to the framework. I have to disagree.The main impetus for partial
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RSS Reader Wish

I subscribe to about 1000 RSS feeds. What would be nice is if my reader could search through the feeds and sort posts based on my probable interest level. In addition, it would categorize those posts into groups of similar content. Currently, most readers provide a search feature to filter
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Waiting for Longhorn

I installed the WinHEC build of Longhorn a couple months ago, hoping to do some serious play and write some posts. Unfortunately, there's no available IDE for it, and I prefer to use my time efficiently, so I may not actually post much on Longhorn until the next complete alpha
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Whidbey Hashtables

The new generic hashtable collection in Whidbey, Dictionary<K,V>, has a number of major differences from v1.1. There are also changes to the existing non-generic hashtable collection.Chaining versus ProbingDictionary uses chaining instead of probing to insert items into the hashtable. In chaining, every bucket points to a linked list and no
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Static Performance

I know there are a number of Microsoft readers out there. Does anyone have the definitive answer to the performance implications of using static members?Static ConstructorsIt seems that static constructors are to be avoided. There is an FXCop rule against their usage in favor of static initializers. This is related
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Nested Blocks

Eric Gunnerson points out a condensed way of writing nested using statements to alleviate indentation headaches.  using (StreamWriter w1 = File.CreateText("W1"))  using (StreamWriter w2 = File.CreateText("W2"))  {      // code here  }This was not an explicitly added to the C# as a feature of using; it's a byproduct of the using statement being able to
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Iterators, Not Just for Iteration

Iterators are a new feature in C# 2.0, significant easing the pain of creating enumerators and enumerable collections to be used by foreach. They also have counterparts in other languages, especially scripting languages, like Ruby and Python. I'll assume that you have some familiarity with the basic operation of iterators in C#.
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C# Behind the Scenes

I found it surprising that people still don't understand how iterators and anonymous methods work in C# in Whidbey. I guess it takes my reading a new blog post every week to realize that not everyone has read the C# 2.0 specification. It's all in there, and it's not as
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