July 2004

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Walking Monkey

I saw this news story in yahoo about a monkey that walks upright like a human.  I could not resist posting it in my blog. It appears that we aren't as different from monkeys as we may have thought.
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ClearType Text in Longhorn

Ian Griffiths (via Chris Sells) is all excited about the improvements to ClearType in Longhorn. It looks like Longhorn is combining the effects of both ClearType and antialiasing. ClearType works by treating each RGB color component as a separate pixel, effectively increasing the horizontal resolution of the screen by a
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Comparisons with Generics

Generics in C# introduces restrictions on the equality operator. In a generic class with a type parameter T, it is not possible to compare two operands with the equality operator, unless one of the operators is null.The following won't compile, because equality is not generally defined for value types and
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Whidbey Changes

I had planned on updating my changelist to include System.Web, protected functions, and individual method overloads. However, Dotnet2TheMax.com has beaten me to it with the online DotNetBrowser.
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Rich Web Applications

Loosely Couple wrote a while back a couple posts, Avalon: Microsoft's Microchannel and Rich clients, network wealth on why he believes that "applications will run in rich browser clients, and Windows will have settled into its legacy platform niche ... and Microsoft will be working hard to re-establish the market position of."
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Generic Algorithms

Generics provide a good solution for building generic collections. However, they leave a lot to be desired for generic algorithms, especially with primitive types, because new interfaces cannot be attached to such types. Interfaces, combined with constraints, is the .NET provision for generic algorithms. This is one of the major
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Java Generics

Responding to my last post on using my experience with generics in Whidbey, one Java enthusiast comments:It is interesting that in .NET Generics tie you to the release date of the runtime but in the Java world the release of Generics with 1.5 will not impact what runtimes you can
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Generics Experience

I made the jump to the Whidbey and am not looking back. The IDE, the compiler and the framework are all solid. I have decided to use the advanced C# features and any new functionality in .NET framework. What this means is that my product release date is now tied to the
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Comprehensive Change List for Whidbey

I have compiled a list of new classes (including interfaces, delegates and enums) and new members (events, properties, and methods) in Whidbey into four separate tables in an Excel spreadsheet. This was done by writing code in both VS2003 and VS2005 to emit the framework's metadata into tabular form and then
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Whidbey First Impressions

I am very impressed with the stability and richness of this beta. There's a lot of features that I want to check out.New ViewsCode Defintion View -- displays the declaration of the current selectionClass Designer -- Allows classes to be manipulate and view graphically and provides direct support for refactoringProjects
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Whidbey Installed

I installed the full version of Whidbey on my machine and was able to fully compile my projects. I did receive an error in which my PDA device emulator would not install; this could be due to the fact that I have a prior PDA emulator, which was installed with VS2003.I
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