May CTP Installed

6/9/2004 4:05:31 PM

May CTP Installed

Many thanks to this blogger for his notes which helped me to install the May CTP.

I found that merely using XP with Sp1a instead of 2000 did not make the errors go away.

What I did was to use WinRAR (you can use ISOBuster as well) to unpack the ISO files into a directory. Make that directory the top level directory of a new Virtual PC virtual share. Using a virtual share is better than creating a Virtual CD Rom from the ISO file because of the ability to manipulate the files and folders within the virtual share.

I turned off Visual Tools for Office underneath both Visual Basic and Visual C# and recopied the CppCodeProvider.dll file into the GAC directory as the notes suggested. Make sure the original file at the same level as the GAC directory still exists.






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