Good Week for Technology Announcements

6/26/2004 10:46:13 PM

Good Week for Technology Announcements

Next week Apple is organizing the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and previewing, for the first time, the next version of the Mac OS, "Tiger," which should sport some exciting new features to counter the threat of Longhorn, such as a new sidebar, some additional 3D Quartz Extreme effects, and a metadata enabled database file system.

Also, next week is TechEd Europe, which will likely be the launchpad for Whidbey Beta and some additional, unannounced technologies, like VS Express.

Interestingly, a JavaOne conference is also being held next week in San Francisco, to demonstrate another "Tiger," the 1.5 release of the Java 2 Platform. Tiger adds C#-like generics, autoboxing, enums, attributes, and foreach to the Java language as well as a host of improvements to the library and runtime.

All of these developer conferences begin in June 28 and last into the week. Stay tuned.






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