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I watched the Steve Job's keynote video at Apple's developer conference in San Francisco. I had previously learned of features in Tiger through articles and blog posts. These articles really didn't impress me very much Tiger initially looked like a cub; however, watching the live demonstation of Tiger features did open
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Looking Back at My CS Education A Decade Later

When I taking computer science (and applied math) back in college over a decade ago, nearly all of the content was heavily theoretical and virtually impractical to me at the time. The Computer Science department proceeded with the belief that the courses will not delve into any specific programming language
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Artificial Intelligence is my pet computer science topic. I first took an AI course at Columbia University while I was in high school, and was completely entralled. Now a decade and half later, I am devoting my life to developing intelligent software on my own. I recently read a quote
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Taking the Limit

I have always enjoyed courses in history, history of science and philosophy in college. It just fascinates me what human civilization have accomplish in the past and I am always wondering what the future will bring? This is one of the reasons you will often find me speculating about future
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Good Week for Technology Announcements

Next week Apple is organizing the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and previewing, for the first time, the next version of the Mac OS, "Tiger," which should sport some exciting new features to counter the threat of Longhorn, such as a new sidebar, some additional 3D Quartz Extreme effects, and a
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Intentional Programming, Again

Looks like there is a video on Intentional Programming demonstrating a prototype. It actually is very much what I described earlier. Source code is stored in some abstract form in database as a series of "identities," which essentially means the same as object. Intentional Programming aims to abstract away programming
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Whidbey Beta Soon

The Whidbey Beta is coming out soon. Reportedly, it will be released in TechEd Europe next week. Also new, as reported by Neowin.net, is an Express version of Visual Studio, which is a cheaper, lite version for wider distribution. The Visual Data Team has signed off on the a week ago
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Intentional Programming

There's an interesting thread on Intentional Programming in the comments of my post predicting changes to code editing. Intentional Programming was coined by Charles Simonyi, a famous Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, who helped bring Word. Having free reign at Microsoft, he's been pursuing his pet project for IP for over a
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Beautiful OSes

Don Box has been enjoying himself, reciting the history and failures of Taligent. Taligent was this ambitious, object-oriented operating system under development by IBM and Apple to leapfrog Windows. It cost the two companies dearly and ultimately resulted in beautifully produced books. He later pointed to an online version of
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Quiet for Now

I am going to remain quiet for now on my recent prognistications in order to salvage my credibility for the moment. I'll admit that I feel safe in my predictions, because I am not really a passive bystander in this area with my current entrepreneurial work. I'll revisit these posts
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Notepad Replacement

I have been using Notepad2.exe as a replacement for Notepad.exe. It has advanced editing features and recognizes many languages such as Perl, Python, C#, VB, C++ and so on. It uses the same underlying Scintella text engine as SciTe, my previous default text editor, but has the standard Windows/Office interface.I originally discovered this
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Geek Blog Dinner

Aargh! The one time I missed a Crossroads Geek Dinner, and it turns out a lot of awesome people were there, including Randy Halloway and Raymond Chen, the leader of the Microsoft camp that I joined according to Joel.  I already met Scoble. I had a choice, but I consciously decided that
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Graphical Source Code Editors

I want to eliminate some confusion in my earlier post about source code editors becoming more graphical. Michael Teper said that I went off the deep end. By graphical, I don't mean any UML, flow chart or diagrammatic view with drag and drop. It's still a text editor, in the
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No Language Lower than C++

C++/CLI has a slogan that "there is no language lower than C++," not even IL. C++ aims to express anything that is permissible in IL. I was actually dubious of this claim, until I started reading Nishant S's 2nd article in CodeProject via Sonu Kapoor. Among other things, C++/CLI has
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Whidbey May Miss the Next Coding Revolution

The Visual Studio.NET source code editing capabilities have consistently lagged the competition, mainly in the Java space. While Whidbey introduces some much needed enhancements to the C# (and VB) IDE such as refactoring and dynamic code formatting to catch, I predict that Whidbey will find itself once again behind the
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