You Are Inadequate.

5/31/2004 5:35:56 PM

You Are Inadequate.

Secret Geek has a daily affirmation, "You are not inadequate."
Some excerpts:


You do NOT have to refactor all your code.
You do NOT have to keep up with the latest news from microsoft, and know everythnig there is to know about longhorn, whidbey, avalon, XAML, indigo and star wars III.
You don't have to do "first things first every day"
You DO NOT have to memorize and understand every patten the gang of four have catalogued.
You are beautiful just the way you are.
You are brilliant, interesting, wise and fun to be around.
You rock.

The truth is that we are all inadequate. I am a C# programmer and I have been using the .NET framework since Beta 2 of VS.NET 2002 in 2001. I recently came across VB at the Movies from another post. I though that it might be educational to see the world from the VB point of view, what I did not realize from viewing the movies was how much of the .NET frameworks I still did not know about.

Since then, I have been been looking at other movies such as MSDN webcasts in the hopes of coming to a more comprehensive understanding of my primary development environment.






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