WinFS Namespace Naming Conventions

5/18/2004 11:42:14 AM

WinFS Namespace Naming Conventions

I have a quibble about the naming conventions for namespaces that WinFS uses. WinFS creates a number of names spaces for each type of item it recognizes such as WinFS.Storage.Contacts, WinFS.Storage.Annotations, and so on. Each of these namespaces seem to have around two classes. This generates a lot of clutter in documentation, especially when the namespaces are presented in flat format. It also makes it rather tedious to type a using declaration for each WinFS item type used within that file.

This certainly won't be a scalable approach, if in the future, a dozen more item types are introduced, each having its own namespace.

My preference would be for each class to sit within one or two namespaces.






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