Movable Menus

5/29/2004 8:38:05 PM

Movable Menus

Most users like their menu in the top of the application, which is why I don't understand why Microsoft does not provide a way to lock menus and toolbars to their current place.

I was helping out my sister with her laptop. She is a smart person; she went to good schools and graduated from medical school. When I opened each of her MS Office applications, I found Office menus all over the application window, horizontal and vertical--anywhere but on the top of the application. My sister does not know how they traveled to where they currently on, but clearly she doesn't like the present situation.

I understand Microsoft's current thinking, not to removed a "feature" previously added and risk upsetting users who actually like moving their menus around; however, most users do like them on top. It bothers me and, I am sure countless others, whenever menubars and/or toolbars are accidentally and, unfortunately, frequently misplaced.






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