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You Are Inadequate.

Secret Geek has a daily affirmation, "You are not inadequate." Some excerpts: YOU ARE NOT INADEQUATE. You do NOT have to refactor all your code. You do NOT have to keep up with the latest news from microsoft, and know everythnig there is to know about longhorn, whidbey, avalon, XAML,
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Movable Menus

Most users like their menu in the top of the application, which is why I don't understand why Microsoft does not provide a way to lock menus and toolbars to their current place. I was helping out my sister with her laptop. She is a smart person; she went to
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Programming Office in C#

Cyrus Blather was commenting on development with the Microsoft Office object model. When creating Office applications, VB is definitely preferred over C# because OLE Automation was originally designed as a way for VB programmers to programmatically drive other applications. Unfortunately, VB supports a number of concepts that are awkward to
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Why Elevate Nullable Types?

When I first learned about extended support for nullable types into the C# language? I was surprised. Nullable types should be enhanced through adding libraries and using existing C# support for extending the syntax such as overloaded operators. This is how it would be done in C++. However, the new
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Whidbey Redistributable

I was fearful that with the new features being added to Whidbey, that the .NET redistributable would grow significantly from its present size of 23.1 MB (24,265,736 bytes). Because I expect online downloads to be a major part of my distribution strategy, I had resigned myself to using .NET v1.1
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Microsoft's Giving Away Its Most Prized Tools

Microsoft is finally releasing many of its prized tools into the next version of Visual Studio. POGO. This is the profile guided optimizations available in Visual C++ 2005. POGO rearranges code to shift out rarely used code and cluster together related code, resulting in reduced working set and substantially improved
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Easier Printing in Whidbey

Whidbey provides simplified printing support via the SimplePrintDocument class in the System.Windows.Forms.Printing namespace. For example, printing a line of text is almost as simple as utilizing the Console method: SimplePrintDocument doc = new SimplePrintDocument(); doc.WriteLine(text); There's also doc.Write(text), doc.WriteTextFile(fileName) and doc.WriteLine() for a simple blank line. Writing a horizontal line
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Technology Is Young

Some time ago, I saw the World of Tomorrow exhibit in DisneyWorld, which had a major impression in me. It depicted the life style of the average American family at five different times separated by 20 years: 1900, 1920, 1940, 1980, as well as an attempt on depicting some date
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Kurzweil's Law -- Moore's Law Generalized

Ray Kurzweil, famous inventor and AI philosopher, has a fascinating article on "The Law of Accelerating Returns" that generalizes on Moore's Law and reaches stunning conclusions about the past and the future of technology. The driving force in Moore's law (that of accelerating returns or positive feedback) are a natural
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Xaml As Documents, Again

A while back, I wrote a post on Xaml as Documents, predicting that XAML will also be a pervasive document format. Recently, I discovered further evidence for my prediction. In the Longhorn SDK, there is a help page called Avalon-based WinFX Applications Overview. In a section on application types, reprinted
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Nullable Types in C#

The updated C# 2.0 specification has been released. It looks like C# has gained another significant feature, extended syntax and support for nullable types. To refer to a nullable type, the base value type T needs to be followed by a question mark, which is shorthand for Nullable. Nullable types
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A Failed Idea in Windows

Here's a failed idea in Windows: Active Desktop. This feature has existed in Windows 98 and remained, though gradually pared down, all the way to Windows XP, and possibly Windows Server 2003, but it won't be in Longhorn. Created in the days when Microsoft felt threatened by Internet, Active Desktop
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Virtual PC

I recently purchased MSDN Universal to gain access to the lastest Microsoft betas including Longhorn in addition to the latest SDKs. I have been very pleased with Virtual PC, which makes it easy to run multiple operating systems in a window for testing. Previously, I used multiple swappable hard drives
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Introspection and Reflection

Reflection I have found the CLR's reflection capabilities to be very useful for a number of scenarios. Unfortunately, I have discovered that calling methods via reflection could be very slow as well--over 400 times as slow as a regular function call. One performance trick that I discovered is that a
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Perl vs Python vs Ruby

I have a number of scripts written in Perl for code-generation and other build tasks. Over time, however, I have been put off by my inability to read quickly Perl code that I have written six months before. Perl is the most popular and also the fastest scripting language, but
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