WINHEC Longhorn Build Is Loose

4/29/2004 4:33:28 PM

WINHEC Longhorn Build Is Loose

Information about the Longhorn alpha build to be released to hardware developers at WinHEC has been reported to be loose by "Microsoft Watch." The build is 4074, compared to 4051 provided at Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference last October.

Even when I was at Microsoft, I found that my first knowledge of many of Microsoft's products, that I wasn't directly involved with, came from external sources rather than through the internal corporate network. After Microsoft, I used to check around various beta sites on the web, such as,, and, to get a sense of the latest status of Microsoft Office and Windows. (Apparently, is no longer around.) But, I have started to lose interest in finding out about the latest leak, partly because so much information is already provided by Microsoft and, secondly, I haven't found the early knowledge gleaned to be very practical. Also, there tends to be a good number of changes between alpha and release. I rather wait until Microsoft officially releases the beta for next version of its operating system or application, at which point, I can get my hands on it.

Still, I'll look around for much Longhorn information next week, as WinHEC is next week and I expect Microsoft to make some new announcements during the event.






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