Usability Testing

3/19/2004 6:58:22 PM

Usability Testing

Next week, I will be a usability tester for the next version of C#. (Along with this, I will receive two copies of any Microsoft software package as compensation.) Although I have observed usability testing many times, I have never actually been a usability tester.

It would be interesting to see if I pick up any of the new features readily. From the other side of the mirror, I have marveled at how users sometimes stumble on what should be a fairly discoverable feature. Also, while we have told the testers that it's okay to make mistakes, that any problem is not the fault of the user, but of the software itself, we have laughed at and made disparaging comments about the user behind the wall. :)

I'm not sure if I am the ideal candidate, since I have previously studied some of the actual Whidbey specifications last year. I'll provide more details next week on aspects of my usability test, that I am allowed to disclose. Since the test may involve an unannounced feature, I may not be able to report the actual feature until beta.






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