Code Formatting in Whidbey

1/31/2004 4:51:24 AM

Code Formatting in Whidbey

One of my favorite features in Whidbey is the detailed level code-formatting provided by the IDE. This is only available in C#.


This feature completely automates code formatting as you type, substantially reducing the number of keystrokes used in the process of coding. This is one level above the plethora of keystroke combinations and heuristics that other editors have used in the past to ease the burden of code formatting. Those keystrokes combinations are no longer needed.

Whidbey provides hundreds of options in the tools dialog to support the most popular coding styles and then some. The options provide solutions to tricky areas, such as when to decide if a statement should break into multiple lines or stay in the same line. Very smart!

Code formatting in Everett was far more limited and not real-time; activated only when the ending brace was typed and limited to standard C# formatting conventions.

Along with the automated formatting is full syntax coloring and a modification bar on the left of the editor indicating which lines have been modified and/or saved.






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