January 2004

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The Power of 3D

Microsoft is following Apple in incorporating 3D technology into the OS. As a result, we should see some dramatically new graphical effects in Longhorn. There is a growing realization that 3D is not just for games; a decade from now, I believe 3D will be everywhere. In a business plan
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Code Formatting in Whidbey

One of my favorite features in Whidbey is the detailed level code-formatting provided by the IDE. This is only available in C#. This feature completely automates code formatting as you type, substantially reducing the number of keystrokes used in the process of coding. This is one level above the plethora
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Temporary Objects Are Free

This is a followup to my previous post, Are Objects Cheap? Here is an article that talks about garbage collection and performance. It actually deals with Java, but, from reading the article, it appears that .NET and Java both use virtually identical garbage collection schemes. After reading the article, I
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Will Machines Become Conscious?

I came across this link "Will Machines Become Conscious?" in KurzweilAI.NET. Ray Kurzweil is a leading expert on artificial intelligence and wrote the book the "Age of Intelligent Machines." One of the companies that Kurzweil founded is ScanSoft, which develops scanner technology to convert images to text. It is a
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I just read a post that questioned the use of SharpReader and managed code based on a earlier post, Are Objects Cheap, that I wrote. I had remarked about how SharpReader consumed 200 MB (actually 170) on my machine. What I had failed to mention is that I also have
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XAML As Documents

Although XAML seems to have resonated very much with the development community and there has been a lot of discussion about its relation to HTML and XUL, its ability to wire up .NET object graphs, the impact it will have on the development process by involving graphical designers in the
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Generics in Avalon

For two decades, Windows essentially had a flat API. (COM doesn't count.) With the new reliance of Windows on managed code, we now have an object-oriented API. In Avalon, the object-oriented code won't even be mere wrappers around the flat API, they will be actual API. However, that's not what
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Are Objects Cheap?

I still don't have a handle on what objects cost. One .NET author, Jan Gray, calculated that the GC collects short-lived objects at a rate of 50 million objects per second. I am suspicious of that number; I think that rate can only be maintained with a small GC 0
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Religious Wars

My recent posts on VB performance isn't an attack on the language; it was just on the current implementation. In some cases, designers have implemented a language feature in an expensive manner using reflection, when a superior method with a 10X-100X performance improvement was available. I just read a post
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Some More Notes on VB

I have some familiarity with the history of VB. I do know that, at one time, VB.NET was originally planned to be more faithful to traditional VB. VB was still going to have two polymorphic types, Variant and Object. Variants, which still exist as an internal structure in the System
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Demand More From VB

I seem to hear that proponents of VB lament that the C# programmers are better paid, while there are no fundamental differences between the two languages, since they generate the same IL. (The salary differences probably depend a lot more on the type of people who gravitate to the languages;
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Multiple Inheritance in .NET

I have been noticing several blog posts on the omission of Multiple Inheritance in .NET such as Stan Lippman's post on MI Efficiency and Fran Bouma's post. One complaining developer refers to the tedious task of reproducing the exact same code for each class derived from same interfaces--not to mention
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Evolution of the Windows Interface

The evolution of the Windows interface can be summed up by the type of standard controls provided by the OS. Most of the time the incorporation of these controls into Windows was preceded by their introduction in Microsoft Office applications. Windows 2.x has pretty much the standard dialog controls like
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GDI+ and Integers

I have been studying the implementation of GDI+ in .NET. It appears that both the C++ and C# object-oriented GDI interface are wrappers around the flat GDI+ API exposed by gdiplus.dll. While working on my software application, I had used integers internally with a resolution of 1000 dots per inch.
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Development Environment

When developing software, I am very finicky about my environment. My productivity can drop significantly for small issues. I like bright white lights, especially fluorescent. Perhaps, the human brain is conditioned to awaken and become more alert at the presence of light, and white light may be more natural than
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