Back from Vacation, Facing Heavy Traffic

12/4/2003 6:41:17 PM

Back from Vacation, Facing Heavy Traffic

I am back from my vacation of approximately three weeks, so I haven't had an opportunity to write recently. Since then, my traffic has mysterious grown by six to seven-fold, even though I have not produced a single entry during that time.

I noticed that both Don Box and Chris Sells, heavy traffickers, have linked to me. It looks like all the big names in the .NET blogosphere, including Robert Scoble, have linked to me at some point. It also looks like some of my traffic is originating from, that may explain much of the increase. I will have to buy more bandwidth from soon.

I actually had a few email conversations going with Chris Sells during my Microsoft contract assignment about permutations, Avalon, and so on; I don't think he has mentally linked my email alias "Wes Moise (a-wmoise)" with my blog yet. I also had a short conversation with Scoble. Isn't it funny that both Chris Sells and Robert Scoble have high-traffic blogs before working at Microsoft and both of their jobs now at Microsoft are evangelizing Microsoft products. Chris Sells is "MSDN Content Strategist" and edits the Longhorn Dev Center at, while Robert Scoble is "Longhorn Evangelist".

Now, I feel an obligation to write more and improve the quality of my posts. Fortunately, I have a couple of good articles under away.






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